Social Media Sites Other than Facebook

It can be defined as the simple act of virtually expanding the friends circle one owns. Facebook has been around for long and is unarguably the favorite social networking website amongst all and people have been using it to connect personally and professionally too. But one needs to understand that social media is beyond Facebook.  So, here is a list of a few other social networking websites which have been connecting people across the globe in their own simple ways.


Twitter is  drastically a different website and is a micro-publishing system which allows its users to compose a writing of 140 characters and is known as ‘tweets’. In order to create your own twitter community one must sign up by using their mail accounts. Using twitter you can follow your favorite people and  receive their tweets in your news feed. In the same way, if you are being followed by others; they will be receiving your tweets. The most interesting feature of twitter is hash tagging.


YouTube is the most favorite social media platform where people share videos. Here you can share, upload, comment,  like and dislike the uploaded videos. Most of the uploaded and shared videos are uploaded by individuals. There are also a lot of YouTube channels operated by business people, bands and actors. YouTube is a heavily popular and one of the most logged on websites in the world.


LinkedIn has been popular amongst professionals and thereby making a LinkedIn profile can help you a lot with your career. There are profiles of many career persons who belong to different sectors and skills. Now-a-days, sending the traditional curriculum vitae to the potential employers is an old story. Create a profile on LinkedIn and employers can search through the website. It also avails a monthly user free advanced option.


Google plus is a Google initiative which was launched on June 28, 2011. The server acts as a service to connect  people who are your friends and acquaintances. Here, you can also connect with unknown  interesting people. Depending on the privacy settings you may select, you can allow people to see through your status updates. The most interesting feature on Google plus is the Picasa web album.


Instagram is a relatively newer social network which became popular very quickly. Instagram was launched in October 2010. It is a smart phone app which lets you to take photos and edit them by applying various digital features. You can also share them with other people on the app and also on other social networks. The most unique feature of Instagram is the square shape of the photographs.

So guys! Here is the  list of websites which can help you connect better with people of your convenience. On this note, Happy Surfing! 🙂

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