Smart Homes: Integrating Technology and Good Living

An idea that’s been around for quite some time now and one which is fast catching up in India as well – Smart homes are built upon home automation – a technology that is basically a residential extension of building automation.

How many times have you left for a vacation with the uneasy feeling that one of the fans is still switched on, or you probably forgot to shut a window or even turn off the gas knob? How many times in a day do you keep worrying about what your kids are doing while you’re in office or whether your aged parents need help? Well, smart homes are built on intelligent technology that takes care of all of these, while keeping you posted all the time.

Imagine a house door that automatically opens and lights turn on when you return home from office. Imagine a home that can sense your mood and adjust everything from lighting to fans and AC and even ambience to your liking. Smart homes let you experience all this and more. For instance, a single touch screen panel or remote can help you control your home lighting, temperature, entertainment and security systems. Not only does home automation make life less tedious, it also enhances the aesthetics of your home.


Not only that, smart homes upgrade your quality of life, by making routine chores easy and more convenient. Smart technology makes domestic activities like gardening, feeding your pets, setting the ambiance for various events multiple times easier.

There’s no end to what smart homes can do for you. If you stay alone, smart homes will show on your touch pad or smart phone who’s at the door. If there’s a gas leak in the kitchen a buzz shall notify you and when you approach the bathrooms, they will light up automatically.

These automated homes have cameras at different areas, so if you’re busy in some corner of your house or away at office, your smart phone will still help you keep a tab on whether your kids are safe. Smart home technologies are a meaningful innovation when it comes to the elderly or disabled too. Smart homes can generate reminders for medicines and notify the hospital in case of an emergency. With a simple touch of the panic button, the elderly can notify people if help is required.

Smart homes are not only more luxurious, convenient and secure, they also help optimize energy. Their popularity has been on the rise with greater affordability and simplicity through Smartphone and tablet connectivity. Although the idea is still at a budding stage in India, players like Aliens, Lodha and Tata are making big moves in the field. The features and amenities provided by them match those available in the west, and while the middle-class income may make it seem like a dream, the craze is quickly catching up!

With technology scaling dizzying heights, this is one innovation that’s sure to redefine the parameters of good living!

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