Smart Furniture for Small Spaces

You don’t need palatial houses any more to experience opulence. With newer and more out-of-the-box solutions from designers, small apartments provide just the right opportunity to utilize space more creatively- so you can have all you wanted and dreamt of, without undergoing the clutter.

Smart Furniture for small rooms

There have been two traditional ways to look at furniture choice in small spaces: either you focused on downsizing furniture or went in for modular furniture. A third option that has lately emerged involves clever transforming furniture that’s multi-functional or collapsible and storable. Depending on your budget, you could decide what kind of a solution fits you best. Here we’ve tried to aesthetically examine all of these. Take a look at some of the ways to reinvent your small home:

Scale down your furniture size

When you have a small living area or bedroom, one of the first things you might consider is to downsize furniture to reduce visual clutter. In a bedroom, for instance you could look for a bedside table that’s small but has drawers, so you can manage to get the surface area and drawers for storing stuff, while keeping the visual impact minimal. Open shelves or cube-shaped boxed shelves on the wall in different sizes also give an aesthetic look while offering you more space.

Play some visual tricks

Choose slender furniture. Dining tables and chairs with thin legs and sofa sets with arms that are tight with an upholstered back all create the impression of more space. Because you can see through the legs of the dining table and the chairs, you get the impression of more free space. Imagine two big bean bags or a fat-armed regal sofa set instead- it would just block your vision then and there!

Consider furniture with storage options

With a small apartment, you’ll need more storage options. So opt for furniture that has included storage. Beds with roll-out compartments for storing your blankets and pillows, or tables with drawers or shelves are good choices. Tall beds could even serve enough storage space to stash away your winter-wear, old clothes and luggage! Inside a tiny bathroom, you could use up the space underneath the wash-basin to make cabinets for your towels and toiletries.

Transforming junk furniture

Convert pieces of old, unused furniture into valuable storage space. An old table can be beautifully converted into useful bedroom storage and your old trunk could serve as an excellent coffee table!

Consider Ottomans

Ottomans with hidden compartments allow you to store stuff and you can even use them as seating arrangements when you need.

Build some underfoot space

You could build a raised platform in part of your studio layout, to define, say, a workstation or bedroom area and use some of the underfoot space to store various things.

Explore transforming furniture

There are awesome transforming furniture designs, if you want to go really creative with your space. Resource Furniture offers some very smart furniture designs.

Transforming bed systems

There are queen sized wall bed systems, bunk beds perfect for kids, teens and adults and a gamut of other bed systems that feature comfortable sofas, desks, tables and shelving systems by day and seamlessly transform into beds at night. Use a mirror to elevate the look of your transforming bed, if nothing else, it will visually expand and magnify your space, while also giving it finesse and character.

Expanding tables

Coffee tables or center tables that expand to form dining areas or iron tables are another interesting option to explore.

Collapsible or hidden bookshelves/bookcases

If your kid loves reading, use the shelves above the bed to organize books and camouflage them with soft curtains that you can draw in to bring a soft look. Else explore collapsible bookshelves and bookcases!

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