Smart apps for smart life

Do you have a smartphone? If so then make your life easier and smarter with these apps. We are giving you different apps beginning from time management apps to weight reduction apps to manage your life easily and effectively. Here we go with these smart apps…

Apps to help quit smoking and bad habits:

Do not worry if you are unable to quit bad habits despite trying hard and sincerely. Just download and install these apps in your smart devices.

QuitNow: This app is highly useful to know how effective your quitting is. It updates you on the time lapsed after you had quit a bad habit. It tells you on how many cigarettes you have foregone and updates on the amount you saved by foregoing some bad habit.

Quitter: This is highly useful in staying away from bad habits, be it your addiction to drinking or smoking. It calculates on the amount of money you have saved by foregoing drinks and cigarettes.

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KickSmoking: KickSmoking says on the time you have went smoke-free, the money saved, the quantity of cigarettes dodged, and also the health benefits you are getting and experiencing. It even has “craving timer,” to remind you of your goals and cravings.

Apps to lose weight: Losing weight is not an easy task but it will be easy from now on with these apps.

ClassPass: Though this app is little costly it is worth it as it comes very handy in losing weight. This app is collaborated with many studios such as dance, spin and yoga. Having this app is equivalent to having a gym membership as it has many things for you under its belt.

Diet Assistant: The best and easy to lose weight is to eat healthy and in proper quantity. Diet Assistant makes the things much easier to know and track what you are eating. Feed in the target weight you wish to have and the app will chart out a meal plan to get your dream weight.

Apps for time management: Managing time will be much easier than you would have thought of when you have these time management apps installed.

Any. do: This is highly useful in managing and finishing the tasks in set time. It will update on deadlines for the tasks filled in ‘to do’ list. It will even send reminders for mailbox.

Intuition: This app is highly useful for people who are too busy and cannot manage works accordingly. It tips on which work is to be done in what time.

Apps for money management: Having these apps will make you rich day by day and help you in managing money well.

Toshl Finance: This app synchronizes the account details with your smart devices. It calculates on budget and expenses and warns on heavy expenses. It will even send reminders on the dates for the payments to be made.

Check: It is an app, which assists you in tracking the bills, and monitoring the bank accounts and credit cards.

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