Skyscrapers: Redefining the heights of buildings

The construction of buildings has taken new heights due to growing tall skyscrapers across the world. Here are 10 tallest skyscrapers of the world.

1) One World Trade Center:

One World Trade center in New York City was constructed at a whooping amount of $3.9bn and stands at a height of 1,776.02 ft. The building’s construction was completed in 2014.  This scraper is of the identical height to that of the destroyed Twin Towers in 9/11 Taliban attacks.

2) The Palazzo at Las Vegas in Nevada:

This building worth $1.9bn is 642.01 ft in height and its construction was completed in 2007. On completion this building emerged as the tallest construction in Las Vegas. The Palazzo has a theater, casino, and a shopping center.

3) The Shard at London in England:

The Shard has a place as one of the biggest buildings in England and is worth $1.9bn and stands at a height of 1,003.94 feet. The building was completed in 2013 and had been constructed using energy saving construction materials as such it consumes 30 percent lesser energy than many other constructions of the same size.

4) Taipei 101 at Taipei in Taiwan:

This $1.76bn worth building is 1,670.60 feet in height and the construction was completed in 2004. Most of the building’s layout and design has been approved by a Feng Shui specialist.

5) Burj Khalifa at Dubai in United Arab Emirates:

The building was constructed at a cost of $1.5bn and its height is 2,719.82 feet. The construction of the building was completed in 2010. Burj Khalifa has the credit of being the tallest building in the globe. The building makes use of the condensation to cultivate the area in the building.

6) Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort at Huzhou in China:

The resort’s cost is $1.5bn and heights 330 ft and the building construction was completed in 2013. MAD Architects had designed the building. Each room present in the resort is designed such that they get daylight all through the hours from all directions.

7) CapitaGreen at Singapore:

The building is worth $1.4bn and stands at a height of 793.96 ft. The construction of the building was completed in 2014. Most of the construction’s facade is covered with living plants. The roof of the building is covered with “sky forest,” The cool air from sky forest will pass throughout the building to cool the building naturally.

8) Elbphilharmonie at Hamburg in Germany:

This building is worth $1.03bn and is 360.89 feet in height. The building’s construction is expected to be completed in 2016. Elbphilharmonie is being constructed above the top of an ex- storage facility. The storage structure’s base is also being used as it is for Elbphilharmonie. The construction will consist of a concert hall, hotel and residential housing.

9) Chifley Tower at Sydney in Australia:

The building is worth $1bn and stands at a height of 800.85 ft and was completed in the year 1992. This is a commercial tower.

10) Bank of America Tower at New York in N.Y:

Last in line stands Bank of America Tower worth $1 billion and stands at a height of 1,200.01 ft. The building was constructed in 2009.

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