Skin protection guaranteed for monsoon

When compared to other seasons monsoons are more dangerous to skin and can easily damage our skin. The humidity is high in the air and so the skin problems are also high. More importantly skin is prone to fungal infections. When the situation is so unfavorable for skin in rainy season let us see what skin care tips are to be followed in this situation for better skin.

Keep the skin tidy:

It is better you clean the face nearly two or three times per day as part of skin care in rainy season. It is also better to use a face wash that has fewer chemicals and it will even be a better move if you can use a natural face wash. When you use such kind of skin products then the accumulated additional oils will be removed and the skin pores get opened up. Also use antifungal soaps and powders.

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Skin toning is a must:

Skin toning is one thing you should do definitely. Use a toner that is alcohol less for toning the skin. A skin toner that lacks alcohol will balance the pH levels of the skin. Use toner two times in a day to keep the life and radiance of it.

Moisturizer for dry skin:

There is no rule that people who have dry skin can forego moisturizer in monsoons. In fact, they need it more in comparison to other skin type holders. Make a natural moisturizer by mixing equal quantities of almond oil, rosewater, and glycerin and apply this moisturizer every night before you call it off a day. Applying only on the face will only do half good so apply it all over the body.

Skin protection:

Since the sun is low it does not mean you will leave your skin as such. You still need to take care of it. Apply sunscreen lotions that have recommended levels of SPF. Who know when sun might spread its ugly tentacles?

Oily skin care:

If you can notice oil all over your face it indicates oily skin nature. This season though might not increase the secretion of oil it is still better to take needed precautions to keep oil away from the skin. Use more of water based cleansers and moisturizers to clean the skin.

Drink more water:

No matter whether you sweat or not you need to drink water accordingly and this skin care rule does not change with seasons.

You hair cleanliness is also mandate:

Your cleanliness regime does not end up only with skin care. You should also keep an eye on the hair. Clean the hair as you do in summers and keep it fresh and fragrant.

Exfoliation: remove the dead skins regularly. Use skin rubs to mildly do the task for you. When the skin is free from dead skin cells it glows flawlessly.

Having said all the rainy season skin care tips now make sure that you follow all these skin care essentials in monsoon.

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