Skin icing and its magical benefits on skin

Skin icing is becoming increasingly popular due to its health and beauty benefits and it is also easy, cheap and natural way to revitalize the skin. Hearing this you would like to know more on skin icing benefits. Skin icing will be more beneficial when done regularly each day two times, both in the morning and also in the evening. Here is the list of beauty benefits of skin icing one gets by using ice. Have a look at what magical effect skin icing does to the skin.

1) Glows the Skin:

When ice is used to massage the skin the chill nature of it aids in enhancing the circulation of the blood, which gives the skin a hale glow naturally. To give the skin an enhanced radiant glows make use of some kind of ice fruit cubes to massage the face. In fact benefits of icing your face are more when compared to exfoliation.

2) Lowers the Blemishes:

Skin icing can even help in reducing the redness and inflammation of blemishes and pimples. Ice cubes can directly be applied on the acne, rube ice cubes for few seconds till the skin goes numb. Doing so on every alternative day before going to sleep will reduce blemishes effectively.

3) Treats Dark Circles:

Make ice cubes using rose water and cucumber juice. When these cubes are used on eye circles, it helps in lowering the tiredness and puffiness of the eyes. It relieves under eye dark circles.

4) Acts as Skin Toner:

Using ice cubes is one of the cheapest ways to smooth and tone the skin. Massage the skin using ice cubes prior to applying makeup, this will close the pores and help in getting maximum benefits from foundation. When the pores are closed the makeup spreads evenly on the skin and gives good look.

5) Makeup Substitute:  

Are you so busy that you don’t have time to add makeup to your looks? Don’t worry ice cubes can easily be a substitute for time consuming makeup foundations. Just wrap few ice cubes in a cloth and massage them for few minutes on skin, this will give fresh and radiant looks instantly. So isn’t it an easy way to get gorgeous looks in lesser time.

6) Prevents Wrinkles:

One important beauty benefits of skin icing is it prevents wrinkles. Skin icing can lower the onset of wrinkles along with easing the symptoms of aging.

7) Reduces pains:

Using ice on pain filled areas acts as natural anti-pain agent. Just take few ice cubes, wrap them in cloth and massage on the area where you are having pain.

Of course skin icing is all natural and all beneficial but there are some important tips to follow while skin icing is done, here are those tips to follow…

  • As per experts skin icing should be done without cloth wrap, but anyway either using cloth wrap or directly can have the same effect.
  • Don’t use extremely cold ice cubes on skin as they can cause damage to the capillaries below the skin, keeping in view this, allow some time to lapse before you use them on skin.
  • Don’t use ice on skin exceeding fifteen minutes..

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