Six must have smartphone apps

The arrival of smartphones in the market has revolutionized the usage of mobiles and mobile industry altogether. They do each and every work for us right from communicating with others to managing tasks effectively. All this is possible due to the presence of apps in them. We have many smartphone apps present in the market but not all the apps should be installed. Doing so will bring down the performance of the phone and might as well cause security threats. Apps should be installed keeping in mind its value of usage to us. Here are few important smartphone apps that should have place in your phones.

1) QuickBooks:

This app is useful to manage accounts, more importantly it is highly useful in managing accounts for small businesses. It has all tools that are needed to calculate expenses and savings. This app also provides the facility to create invoice. This accounting app has been developed by Intuit and goes well with android, iOS and web.

2) Expensify:

Are you worried on increasing expenses? Are you worried and unaware how you are expending and where you are expending? Then install Expensify app in your smartphone, it will do the business for you. This application will note down every expense you made and it can also be used to picture the bills and save safely. This accounting app has been developed by Expensify and goes well with android, iOS and web.

3) Google calendar:

This app is highly useful to manage meetings and personal appointments. It is also very easy to use. This app as the name suggests is developed by Google. It is compatible with android, iOS and web.

4) TripIt:

This app is highly useful and mandate for people who travel frequently. Signing in this app will let you access all the information related to travelling such as receiving free mails related to travel, hotel reservations, dinner reservations, ticket receipts and so on. This travel management app has been developed by Concur Technologies. It is compatible with android, iOS and web.

5) Basecamp:

This app is designed for project management. It assists in works such as creating notes, preparing schedules, and project coordination. Using this app, files and plans related to project can be uploaded. The developer of this app is Basecamp. This app is compatible with android, iOS and web.

6) LastPass:

This app is a must have app these days due to increased hacking. This app helps in securing the password safely. This password app has been developed by Joe Siegrist.

These are few of the apps that one should not miss out. In case you don’t have download them as soon as that.

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