Sitting for long durations can be hard on health

‘’Sitting for long durations is as dangerous as smoking,’’ says many doctors. This may sound as wonder, but this is the fact. Many of the studies are echoing that sitting continuously without taking breaks for many hours can lead to many diseases which also include paralysis, heart problems, and different kinds of cancers. Let us see the health effects of sitting too long in detail and know what the doctors are saying about this.

Many of us are forced to sit for longer hours be it in homes, offices or in business centers. The professions demand more sitting these days for the business and daily chore to get on. So either one likes too much sitting or not they are forced to sit. As per researches, humans spend at least 14 hours in sitting throughout the day. This alone is enough to state the condition of present humans. While many of them spend this time in sitting out of force in offices, few of them spend this time before TVs or sleep just to kill the time. Remember these two are also as dangerous as continuous sitting.

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The researchers are saying that sitting for 14 hours of a lengthy time can easily land people in many health problems. This condition is noticed even in people who spend time in gyms but at the same time spend more time in sitting. So what does this say? It means no amount of workouts will help you if you sit for longer hours.

The body naturally wishes to sit when it is tired. This is a common instinct of the body and there is no wrong in it. It is wrong and inviting trouble when you keep the body seated for a longer amount of time. The activities of the muscles are responsible to dispose of the sugar present in the blood to different parts of the body. The same activities are also responsible for turning the blood fat into energy and when you sit for longer hours the muscles cannot dispense these functions properly and this leads to many health risks of sitting too much.

The muscles are more in a position to absorb the sugar and fat from the blood and turn them into energy when the body is in movement or standing position rather than in a sitting posture. The same function becomes difficult when the body is in a sitting position for a longer time and this is where people who sit for a lengthy amount of time are at trouble.

The muscles also lose endothelial function and this will lead to fat accumulation and the blood vessels get damaged, in the long run. These two problems are enough to put the living in trouble.

The studies also confirmed that apart from heart problems and paralysis effects of sitting too long duration will lead to nearly 34 types of health problems. So now it’s up to you to decide whether you will sit for longer hours or take a break frequently. The ideal way is to take short break of 10 minutes per each hour.

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