Simple tips for the most majestic-looking Christmas tree!

Christmas is just round the corner, and we’re as excited as you are about decking up good old Christmas Tree. It’s always fun to watch those splendidly done, lofty trees, wrapped in light and ornament, and even if you’re on a tight budget this year, we’ll tell you how to work up a most adorable-looking pretty sight!

We’re serving up some of the easiest and simplest ways you can bring your Christmas tree to life. So, budget or no-budget, well- Merry Christmas!

How to decorate a Christmas tree elegantly

Pick an aesthetic tree

Whether you’re getting a real tree or a fake one, check that it’s shaped beautifully. Check a real tree out of its netting, or arrange your artificial tree so it has a full, symmetric look that tapers neatly towards the top. If you’ve decided on an artificial tree, you might even give the pre-lit ones a thought- they save a lot of time, but then! Depends on whether you really want  to compromise on some idle fun!

Think through your color scheme

There are a couple of color schemes to choose from- basically sticking to one scheme gives you a more pulled-together look. So you could choose from:

Classic color scheme: Red and green are the classic colors, to which you could add tints of gold and silver.

Wintry shades: If you’d rather go for wintry shades like blue, silver and purple, keep any red, yellow or golden out. You could use just silver and white decorations- with clear blue lights to complement best.

Christmas tree themes

Decide on a theme, if you really want to have one- angels, snowflakes, candy, Santa etc.

Bring out your Christmas tree ornaments

You may already be having ornaments collected over the years in your Christmas tree storage bag. If not, use ornament multipacks (they’re reasonable!) to build the base of your decoration- you can add up with a couple of more interesting ones if you wish.

Christmas tree decorating ideas

Light up your Christmas tree first

The first and most important part of decorating your tree is hanging the lights. If you can get this right, your tree’s already looking grand! Some tips:

  1. Lights generally come with green or white wires. Choose a color that matches your tree, so that wires are hidden and you can achieve a neat look.
  2. Light your tree from inside out, for a fuller look.
  3. Start from the bottom and work your way up, wrapping every prominent branch in detail.
  4. You can choose from the traditional incandescent lights, LED lights, globe lights or bubble lights. Tiny, twinkling lights all over your tree also make for an exquisite show.
  5. DO NOT cut out on lights- they are the single, most easiest way of achieving a look of grandeur.

Bring on your Christmas tree garlands

Garlands immediately add zing to your décor. Start from the top and increase the amount of garland at each step as you work your way down. You could use the more dainty beaded garlands or the thicker ribbon, paper or foil garlands. Just remember that the former looks best hung from branch to branch, while the latter should ideally be hung loosely around the entire tree. You could also let a wide burlap ribbon cascade down the branches in casual elegance.

The jewel in the crown- Your topper, of course!

Choose a head-turner there- Holly leaves and berries or Bows make for a dainty look, while the traditional Star and Cross are equally impressive.

The ornaments come in last

Work from top to bottom, spacing your ornaments evenly. Place some a little back towards the inside of your branches, to give your tree more depth. Go unconventional and use candies, natural pine cones and fruit or add some local flavor. Make sure you spread out your colors evenly and avoid grouping ornaments of the same color at one place.

How to decorate a Christmas tree on a budget

Simply shift the spotlight from the size to some other aspect- for example, select a tree in an unconventional color, instead of the classic shade- the impact itself will make you stand out even if your tree size is small, and you can well use your last year’s ornaments to decorate.

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