Simple lifestyle changes to improve memory power

Instead of panicking for less memory or lack of remembering things it is better you start making some lifestyle changes to increase memory. This way you can effectively manage and increase the ability to remember things.

•    If you are unable to remember most commonly used things such as key chains, books and also mobiles then see to that you place them daily at a particular place earmarked for them. This way you need not waste time searching for them and you can also remember them easily.

•    Use pen and paper. They are the best aids for people with less memory power. Jot down the things in them such as important tasks, important people to meet and also your daily routine. This will act as quick reckoning tool.

•    Playing puzzles and also word games is one way of increasing memory power. These kinds of games will activate the brain and so it becomes more active.

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•    If you cannot remember names of people and places try to recollect the images of them and try to chant their respective names as many times as possible. This is the easiest way of making things.

•    Always keep challenging the brain. Don’t allow it to rest. Say, for example, try to learn a new game or new language or for that matter try to read a new book too can maintain your memory.

•    You spend more time in the company rather than spending alone. Loneliness can easily increase the problems of less memory. So always be in someone’s company, be it your friends or relatives.

•    Even the food has a key role in either increasing or decreasing your memory power. There are certain foods which are not so good for brain power. Know the list and avoid them. High cholesterol foods and junk foods can trigger memory loss. Stay away from them. Prefer to eat foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids and calcium rich foods.

•    Exercises even here have a higher role to play. The more fit your body is the healthier the brain is. Have time out of your busy life for doing exercises at least half an hour in a day.

•    Meditation is also one of the easiest ways of beating lesser memory power. Meditate each day at the same place for the same amount of time and see what tour brain can do.

•    Sleep well. Most of the memory loss cases are the result of lack of proper sleep according to doctors.

•    As you age memory tends to get low. So understand the fact and act accordingly.

•    Keep your mind peaceful and focused. Too much worried you are too much you are straining the brain and this ultimately means you are inviting lesser memory.

Follow these natural ways to boost memory power. They come without any side effects so are good in general.

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