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Waxing is always pain whether you do it in home or in a parlor. But here are few tips to make waxing less painful. Follow these tips to get less pain while waxing.

  1. Begin waxing with smaller area, extremely smaller area, more importantly if you are waxing for the first time. Say if you are waxing your hand apply wax in small size on the hand and once this is done repeat the same for the next part of the hand, in case you are waxing the leg apply wax first on some part of the leg and do the rest of the leg by applying small portions. Trying to wax whole of the part in a single attempt will make it more painful.
  2. While waxing the eyebrows, first mark the area using white eyeliner where you actually need to wax, and then remove the excessive wax using baby oil.
  3. While waxing pubic area be more careful, always see to that it is little cooler since the area is very delicate.  
  4. Use numbing creams as they lessen the pain, apply the cream before half an hour you begin waxing.
  5. Taking a pain killer in lesser dose is also one good idea to lessen the waxing pain effect. Take it just before half an hour or so, but be careful to keep the dose low.
  6. Keep the mind distracted, to say it in simpler terms simply keep your mind focused on something else rather than focusing on waxing. Hear music or watch TV while you wax this will keep off the pain to some extent.
  7. Exfoliate beforehand on the parts you wish to wax. Exfoliating will remove the dead skin and make soft the outer layer of the skin; this will allow easy plucking of hair.
  8. Let the hair grow at least to quarter inch before you wax, pulling the hair will be easier when the hair length is at least 1/4th inch.
  9. Place a lightweight soothing cream in fridge before one night you wax. Doing so will make the armpits smooth and easy plucking.
  10. Ask the aesthetician a cold compress in case if you have extra sensitive skin. Cold press is always best if you are going for waxing for the first time. Cold compress can either be cold water or smoothening rose water.
  11. Always avoid shaving the hair once you begin to wax. Shaving and waxing will complicate the things and make it more painful. Either prefer shaving or waxing.
  12. Remove off all topical treatment creams that have alcohol or fragrance at least a day before your waxing.
  13. During waxing sessions you need to get into awkward positions but there is no other go, don’t get excited, relax and feel it is part of process. This will calm down your mood and give room for nearing the pain.
  14. Never wax prior your periods, it will just ignite the condition.
  15. Soon after waxing avoid tight clothing and direct exposure to sunlight.

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