Saving our mother earth

Charity begins at home, goes the old saying. And it is true in many senses because unless and until one is able to change his/her immediate environment it is not possible to bring about any bigger change. The same applies to the environment and even more so because it affects each and every one of us in equal degrees.

There is no doubt that our earth is facing one of the worst crises and it is all because of human development and thanks to it. Cutting of trees, killing of animals and overuse of resources is making us live in an ever developing greenhouse. That leaves us with just with one option: save the environment or perish. It makes even more important because, after a long time, proper emphasis is being given to these aspects. Thanks to our Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his environment grading system.

And to be able to bring about some change does not need any kind of rocket science. All it does need is some kind of conscious effort on our part. Here are some ways to be able to bring about positive change:

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Use fuels judiciously

One of the first things that we need to do is to use fuels but not waste them. It covers petrol, gas, diesel and any other form that is being used by us. Try car pool over individual driving, use bicycles when possible, and cook food in a manner that less amount of gas or another form of fuel is used. Can’t some of the ways or all of the ways be tried?

Save electricity

It would not only save on emissions but would also save your hard-earned money. Switch off your home devices when they are not in use. TV and lights should be off when not in use and so should be other home appliances as well. Use of fluorescent bulbs can be a good investment too. Make it a habit to save electricity rather than wasting it.

Water is precious, save it

It is often said that the next world war would be because of water. It is possible since it is essential for life and is much less than what we think. It must be saved and small steps like stopping all kinds of leakages, using a bucket rather than water pipes for watering plant and cleaning of vehicles, could go a long way. Rainwater harvesting is another concept which is catching up steam and should be used wherever possible.

Use of chemicals should be minimized

Paints and other chemicals used in houses like detergents and perfumes, add a lot of harmful emissions to the environment. It is best to avoid using them whenever possible. Even when used one should strictly follow the recommended amount and not overuse them.

Avoid making waste

Use of handmade or jute bags instead of plastic bags is one of the first things that every household should do. Recycle as much as possible and avoid wasting food and other resources.

We should try and provide as much help to save our environment as possible. After all, it’s our mother Earth.

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