Safety guide for elderly people

With growing age, leading life becomes difficult as the mental and physical stamina comes down. Falling prey to unexpected illness and accidents can become common. Being careful and attentive is the need of the hour in old age. Here are few tips for safety in old age…follow these elder safeties tips and avoid unexpected incidents, which sometimes can ask your life.

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Safety tips to follow in home:

1) Make sure that you have something to support you while you sit and stand. Have a stick always around you to support your movements.

2) The flooring should be rough, never use tiles that are too slippery. Soft tiles can easily make you slip as the grip is too loose.

3) The slippers and other footwear you put on should have a grip; they should have some kind of fastener to save them from slipping away.

4) If possible see to that there are no steps before entrances, this will save your half worry.

5) The pathways and the floor should not have any things that can cause obstruction to your movement. Keep all the things out of the way.

6) Don’t feel shy to use a walking stick. Using a walking stick will make the movement easy and steady. Be careful to choose correct lengthen walking stick.

7) Be very careful at nights. Have proper lighting. This is very important safety tips for elderly living alone. Don’t depend on dim bulbs; have at least one high voltage bulb turned on for increased visibility.

Safety tips to follow in kitchen:

1) The one best safety method is to visit the kitchen as less as possible.

2) See to that all the items that are heavy in weight are placed on some platform that is above the ground level. This will facilitate easy lifting.

3) The floor in the kitchen should be tidy, clean and also free from dampness.

4) Keep all the things that are sharp at a safer distance.

5) While using electric appliances be very careful and check twice before operating.

Safety tips to follow in bathroom:

1) In bathrooms, you should be extra careful. Keep the light on at nights.

2) The floors and tubs should not be slippery.

3) Have illuminated bulbs near sinks.

4) See to that the bathroom has separate and earmarked taps for hot and cold water.

5) Always seek support of house members when visiting the bathroom.

6) The door knobs should be fitted in such a way that they can be opened from either side.

Safety tips to follow with medications:

1) Don’t blindly follow the medicines prescribed long back, consult the doctor before purchasing medicines.

2) Never forget to take the stipulated medicines at stipulated time.

3) Keep all the medicines at a single place regularly, so that you don’t miss them to take.

4) Maintain proper gap between the diet and intake of tablets.

These are few tips but are important tips to follow without fail.

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