Rosemary and its indispensible uses

Rosemary is one aromatic herb that belongs to the family of mint plants and is scientifically known as Rosmarinus officinalis. It has given new dimension to aromatherapy and is also commonly used cooking herb. Apart from being a culinary item it is also a magnificent woodsy scent. It is even used as air freshener and goes well in many types of aromatherapies.

Concentrated extracts such as Rosemary Oil should be made use externally; however the dried Rosemary herb can as well be consumed and be used as a cooking ingredient. It also gives great taste to meats such as chicken and beef when added to them.

Apart from having above said benefits it is also known to have anti-cancer characteristics. Here let us see some of the uses of rosemary in cooking and benefits of rosemary in general.

  1. Rosemary works wonders on skin irritations such as eczema, it can be externally used on affected parts. Rosemary oil can also be used to treat joint problems such as arthritis.
  2. According to studies it has been found to be useful in speedy healing of bruises and wounds when applied externally.
  3. Rosemary is one herb that can as well be used extensively internally; it increases the taste of the foods when used as cooking spice. It can as well be used in tea as a natural suppresser for anxiety.
  4. A strong concoction of Nettle leaf and Rosemary is a good herbal wash for hair and will assist in ridding off dandruff and increasing the growth of hair when put into use after every hair wash.
  5. Infusing Rosemary oil with regularly used hair oil is the best way to treat hair fall due to dandruff. This infusion should be rubbed regularly on hair and left as such for minimum an hour and should be washed thoroughly, doing so will also improve the scalp condition.
  6. This oil can also be used externally during the times of illness to boost up recovery. It can be used to rub on the sore areas.
  7. Rosemary oil is also one natural air-freshener. Take fistful of Rosemary leaves, 1 sliced orange or lemon, add vanilla splash to these and boil it on low flame all the day. Doing so will give fresh smell and keep the house fresh for many days.
  8. Rosemary is also evidently known to deter small house pests such as mice. Placing dried Rosemary sprigs in the places where rats and mice usually roam about will keep these little annoying creatures out of home.
  9. It is also useful in keeping off small pests such as mosquitoes and can also be used to ward off small bugs from hand bags.
  10. Rosemary extract is also one commonly used ingredient in many homemade cosmetics and lotions.
  11. Rosemary Oil will assist in soothing stomach pains and will also act effectively on pains caused due to indigestion and menstrual cramps.

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