Resume writing mistakes that you should avoid

Resume does not give you much time to mark your impression and vitality with the recruiter. The reason behind this is simple…..recruiters spend less time on viewing it so whatever you want to convey you should convey in that less time itself. You should not do such blunders which will force your resume to dustbin or clutter. To save from this situation you need to avoid these common resume mistakes. Here we go with most common resume mistakes which you should avoid to win the rat race.

Making it too long:

As per analysts, any recruiter will spend only maximum of 6 seconds to look at the resume. Going by this what do you understand? Keep it short and sweet. The more the lengthier the resume is the most difficult it will be for the recruiter to gauge your resume. An ideal resume should confine to 1 or maximum 2 pages.

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Leaving wrong email address:

The days are of technology and having a correct email address is very important for two-way communication. When you don’t state a correct email then you can never receive information regarding your resume progress from the other end. So never take chances and give your current email address for smooth flow of information.

Including a photo:

This is what many are doing these days. Putting up photos in the resume without the need should be avoided. Never do this unless asked for. After all, your qualifications are more important than your looks.

Not mentioning URL that shows your work profile:

Always try and include a URL that depicts your professional online accounts be it LinkedIn or some other thing. The latest trend is to search and scrutinize the candidates using their social and online profiles. So it is better you take the lead and provide the recruiter with your professional URL.

Embedding tables, charts, or images:

Stay off from these as embedded images, tables and pictures as they may confuse the software that is used for tracking applications.

Not aligning the resume with the online profiles:

Always be sure that your resume and your online profiles are identical. When the resume says one thing and your profile says another thing then you are definitely on the wrong edge. Both of them should go identical so that you send a wrong signal to the recruiter.

Leaving out the relevant keywords:

Most of the companies use one kind or the other to screen the candidates and resumes. So ensure that your resume has the keyword that depicts your area of expertise. This will help both the softwares and recruiters to identify your resume and act accordingly.

Wrong fonts:

Resume is a professional thing and so it should adhere to all the professional formats. Using wrong texts and fonts can drastically bring down your chances of getting hired. So keep an eye on this, it might look simple, but it has remarkable effect on the employers and recruiters.

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