Researches say sleeping increases memory power

Are you worried that you are not doing better in your studies and unable to remember what you have read even after reading with utmost concentration then have peaceful sleep. According to studies a sound and deep sleep will increase concentration and keep at bay memory loss. So, one of the ways to increase memory power naturally is to sleep more. Let us see how sleeping increases memory power.

Relation between sleep and memory power:

According to studies sound sleep helps in memorizing the things done in the morning. The things you have studied and the works you have done get stored as memory during sleep. To bring out the creativity and ignite new thoughts one needs good sleep. This was even confirmed by New York university researchers. Some other studies have also confirmed that sound sleep decreases Alzheimer.

What happens when you sleep?

According to studies there are 3 kinds of sleep based on the intensity of sleep and one amongst them is Rapid eye movement (REM) sleep where the eye movements are random and this is the stage which is associated with the onset of dreams. And this is here in REM sleep that the ability to learn things is increased and this ability reduces when you don’t have proper sleep, since REM also decreases along with lessened sleep. The brain has a part called hippo campus which is responsible to store new things and when there is no proper sleep there is increased burden on this part which leads to lessened memory power.

Memory power increases in nights:

As per studies not everything that happens in mornings is remembered and the only time the brain gets some time to remember them is during nights and this is the reason why the memory heightens at nights. So to remember the things well sleep well. As per studies certain kinds of memories have been remembered well in nights.

Lack of sleep leads to memory loss:

As we all know people lose memory power with growing age, which is natural. But as per studies lack of sleep can lead to loss of memory even at young ages. The studies have found out that many people who are not even aged 30 are suffering from lessened memory power due to lack of sleep. The loss of memory power in aged people is also caused by lack of deep sleep and as we know aged people have less hours of deep sleep and eventually this leads to lesser memory power. Every means is to be tried to give proper sleep for aged people or else chances are that the situation may deteriorate into Alzheimer. And students should read important things before hitting bed this will help to remember the things more easily.

It is also very important to have power naps at least for 20 minutes during the day’s work for increased enthusiasm and work. According to studies a well grown man needs minimum 8 hours of sleep in a day.

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