Research says Artemisinin herb kills breast cancer cells effectively

There is good news for breast cancer patients’, as per breast cancer latest research findings, scientists have found a new herb that can kill 98% of cancer causing cells in 16 hours. The research studies published in a magazine “Life Science” said artemisinin, a kind of derivative from Sweet wormwood plant, which is also known as Artemisia annua was able to kill 98 % of the cells that caused breast cancer that too in 6 hours span.

Artemisia annua has been extensively used in China as a medicinal herb since ages. The plant when used separately was able to kill 28 percent of the cells that lead to breast cancer. But it has shown amazing results when used along with iron; it was all most all successful in erasing the cancer cells completely. In addition to this the experiment has also found that using this herb did not affect the good cells present in the breasts. Even in the past this derivative has been very successful in curing malaria.

This recent breast cancer research also noted that administering artemisinin along with iron to the subjects had successfully cleared off infected cancer cells without affecting normal cells. Iron normally grows in the breast tissues and more importantly in the cancer infected cells.

All in all the study results have shown that that the effect of artemisinin on E2F1 transcription factor had connoted discontinuance in the cell route of the cells that lead to breast cancer. The research has shown that the cancer affected cells experienced apoptosis.

The research conducted by the department of laboratory for cancer of University of California also expressed its satisfaction saying that this research is a vital transcript process in which the herb had controlled the growth of the cancer cells reproduction.

The iron gets accumulated in the cancer cells with precise receptors which assist them to divide the cells. Possibly even the good cells too have such precise receptors but not as high as in the cancer cells and so they could be an objective of the blend of artemisinin and iron.

The research though sounds to be successful the growth of this herb is costly affair which might be a hindrance in developing further medications using this herb.

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