Research reveals cost-effective, easy-to-find superfoods for your heart!

Recent research by two different institutes across the globe has come up with two superfoods for heart health. The finding is important in that besides being heart healthy, these foods are easily available everywhere and fits your pocket neatly. So a little bit of awareness can help you exercise necessary caution in choosing your diet that’s good for your heart. While researchers at Vanderbilt University and Shanghai Cancer Institute studied the impact of nut and peanut intake on chance of death from cardiovascular diseases, a Greek research studied the impact of a Mediterranean diet on heart health.

The results were strikingly positive in that both nuts and a Mediterranean diet were found to be essential foods for heart health.

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Foods for heart care


Nuts are rich in unsaturated fats, magnesium and copper, with smaller amounts of protein, fiber and iron as well. The study found that nut and peanut intake significantly lowers the risk of death from heart related diseases. The more important revelation is that peanuts may be able to serve as a substitute for nuts, as one of the more affordable nutritional foods for heart health. The study said that peanut consumption could be associated with a 23 per cent to 38 per cent decrease in deaths from cardiovascular diseases.

The amount of nuts and peanuts that is considered beneficial for the U.S. population to render cover was about only 18 grams or 2/3 ounce a day- maintaining this portion control is important to secure benefits (Roughly about 28 peanuts would make up an ounce). The results echo the recommendations of the American Heart Association too that includes nuts as one of the important foods for a heart healthy diet. A word of caution here- since salted nuts contain as much as 100 to 300 mg of sodium in one ounce of serving, you must take care to ensure that you go for the unsalted, raw or slightly salted varieties.

Mediterranean diet

In a surprising revelation, a study notes that sticking to a Mediterranean diet is a better shield against heart disease than even physical activity. While that should not downplay the importance of physical activity for you, the good news is that a Mediterranean diet is something you can easily find and accommodate into your regular diet plan. A Mediterranean diet comprises the following: lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts, fish and olive oil. These foods for a stronger heart are easily found everywhere, no matter which part of the globe you reside and they are cost-effective too!

The study found that people who most closely followed a Mediterranean diet pattern were 47 per cent less likely to develop heart conditions than those who did not follow it closely. A Mediterranean diet has a lot of other benefits too. It helps in managing diabetes, hypertension and inflammation besides being a tough fight for cholesterol and heart disease. It can also help you tackle weight issues effectively!

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