Reports say ‘Spartan’ could do away with age old ‘IE’

Seems like, Microsoft is all set to bring in new rhythm as far as web browser is concerned. If the sources are to be believed Version 11 could be the last one in the series of internet explorer (IE) of Microsoft. This was revealed form the sources who spoke to Mary Jo Foley, Microsoft analyst.

According to Foley, the company will ship a totally renewed web browser along with Windows 10 while IE11 will ride alongside as backwards-compatible substitute. Foley also said that the move is an outcome of not remodeling the browser once again for the company’s subsequent operating system (OS) and naming it as IE 12.

The latest browser is at present being developed at Redmond, the company’s headquarters. The project has been given a codename called as ‘Spartan.’ An official trademark name for Spartan has till point of time has not been announced.

But according to Foley, a few months before the employees at Microsoft have cited in one of the Reddit AMAs that the company has potentially considered doing away completely with the brand and name of “Internet Explorer.”

The IE branding will complete 20 years of its presence in the month of August in this year, thereby making it a two decades old browser.

There are many mental relations and baggage that we share with IE, while some of them are positive; most of them are highly negative. It looks convinced at this juncture of time that Spartan when released will not carry such negative taboos under the shade of ‘’IE brand.’’

As per sources from Foley, Spartan will make use of both Microsoft’s Chakra Javascript engine and also Trident page rendering engine. Nevertheless, the Trident that Spartan will use and the Trident that IE11at present is using will definitely be dissimilar.

Foley also cited a report of Brad Sams from Neowin which stated that Microsoft has divided Trident into 2 different branches possibly, so that the company can keep a constant old version for compatibility whilst vigorously designing the engine separately for the latest browser.

As per many sources beating round the net, Spartan is anticipated to be quicker and lighter when compared to Internet Explorer 11; and will also have a suitable extension support alongside. It is even expected to be available for both mobile and desktop versions for including along with the mobile and desktop variants of Windows 10. It is likely that the company will showcase Spartan at a press event in this month earmarked for Windows 10.

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