Relieve the body from nicotine effects

To quit smoking is always a difficult task, but quitting can be easy when one detoxifies the body. Detoxification of the body assists in flushing the accumulated nicotine and also the other accumulated toxins from the body when the body is exposed to smoke. There are many detoxification practices that can assist in easing the withdrawal symptoms linked with nicotine intake. These practices can purify the blood and also can further enhance the overall health condition of the body soon after the system has flushed out toxins.

Cigarette contents and withdrawal:

Smoking automatically infuses the body with carbon monoxide, sulfur, nitrogen, and hydrogen cyanide in addition to tobacco and tar that is there in cigarettes. These toxic gases that mount up in the body reduce oxygen sources, thereby leading to respiratory disorders in the body. The ingredients present in cigarettes, along with nicotine are extremely addictive and the withdrawal signs can immediately take place soon after you quit smoking. Symptoms that one immediately suffers from withdrawal of nicotine include headaches, mood swings, urge to smoke, fatigue, increased appetite and depression.

Primary detoxification steps:

The foremost step in smoking detoxification consists in quitting the habit of smoking. During the process of detoxification nicotine patches are not needed simply as the nicotine content is getting through the body in another process—as the body is getting exposed to the 24-hour nicotine patch exposure. After approximately two hours lapse of time from the time one quits smoking, the nicotine levels in the body start to reduce noticeably. Following the 3 days from the moment you withdrew smoking, the blood serum becomes free from nicotine, but still the urine will have 10 % of the remaining nicotine metabolites in the body. The human body and system will finally be free from nicotine following 14 days of time.

Water consumption:

Consuming 8 glasses of water each day will keep the body hydrated apart from flushing the accumulated nicotine content from the body. The water that you consume will remove the nicotine accumulations from the body in the form of urine and sweat. Consuming water will even assist in alleviating other forms of throat irritations that one might undergo soon after quitting smoking.


Same as consuming water assists in flushing the accumulated nicotine from the body, exercising too does the same. Exercising can easily give the same effect as drinking water, but see to that you don’t begin rigorous exercise as soon as you quit smoking as it might lead to breathing difficulties. Increase the pace day by day.  Begin your workouts with lengthy walks and quick walking. Brisk walking will help you in sweating heavily which will in turn help the system to flush the nicotine out of the body. But this will be effective only when you do the exercise on routine basis.

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