Relationship between diabetes and depression is correlated

Diabetes and depression are becoming spreading their net rapidly. The number of people suffering from these two is on rise with each day. Depression and Diabetes are two highly rampant diseases in America. Exceeding 10 % of grown-up populace in America suffers from diabetes and nearly 7 % of them have one form or the other related to main depressive disorder. As per many researches people suffering from diabetes are the ones who can even trigger depression in higher rates than those who do not have diabetes.

Which found its inception first – the egg or the chick? This is the query some of the researchers are posing about the diabetes and depression link. Will depression enhance the chances for diabetes, or will diabetes enhance the risk factors for depression?

Depression Leading to Diabetes:

The possible occurrence of diabetes due to the presence of depression till now hasn’t been understood well. There is proof which says that this can happen, but studies have not been able to determine the bio-mechanism between the two.

As per a study conducted in 2011 which was funded the (NIH) National Institutes of Health depression can be moderately linked with an enhanced risk to develop type 2 diabetes. This study results are alike to other researches, which when taken jointly advocate that depression for sure is a major risk factor for diabetes development.

Depression as we know might pave way to neglecting of healthy lifestyle and also to maintain personal health. Prescriptions directed towards treating depression commonly lead to weight gain, thereby increasing the chances of obesity, a major contributor to diabetes. This cycle of health care concerns that rise due to depression continues, as a result the chances to fall prey for diabetes increase.

Diabetes Leads to Depression:

Since diabetes is a chronic, serious disease that needs constant monitoring, treatment and attention, it was thought that the heightened presence of depression associated with the diabetes was the result of the stress in managing diabetes.

Of late a minor research study had been undertaken to know about this connection. The results propose that people suffering from diabetes might have more susceptible elements to develop depression due to the interaction between increased sugar levels in the blood and also due to a kind of neurotransmitter present in the brain, which is linked with high levels of depression. The levels of the glutamate and neurotransmitter get elevated with increase in sugar levels, but it takes place only in people who are already suffering diabetes. Increased glutamate is normally traced in people having depression.

Treating Both:

The effective cures for both diabetes and depression include exercise, having good diet, and keeping weight away. As far as a person having depression can make changes to the above mentioned way of life he can avoid or for that matter even reverse the chances of getting diabetes, the same logic holds good to a person who has diabetes, a diabetic patient can save himself from depression.

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