Recovering from jaundice

It is that time of the year again when food contamination is highest in India. During summers, thanks to high temperature and the large amount of viruses and bacteria in air and water and so food get stale very easily. People consume them, many a times unknowingly, and if you are lucky then you would be spared with just a stomach upset. But if you are not, then jaundice could hit you hard.

While this common ailment of the liver can take place any time of the year. Most of the cases can be seen during summers only. Recovery could be fast if some lifestyle changes are followed and followed strictly. Since jaundice means building up a high level of Bilirubin in blood because of the inability of the liver to clear it from the body. This could be corrected by helping the system clear up the toxins and helping the liver regenerate itself faster. Here are some of the ways it could be done:

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Diet changes

This is the first and most important step on the path to recovery from jaundice. It is easier and faster for the liver to regenerate itself. Staying away from fat and food that can putrefy in the colon should be stopped immediately. This would cover all kinds of dairy, legumes, lentils and meat items. One should rely more on vegetables especially easily digestible ones like spinach, papaya, radish et al and all kinds of fruits.

However, for the first week it is advisable to be on juice and it should be fresh and made from both fruits as well as vegetables. Having boiled items rather than oil cooked ones is important. Coconut juice is a good alternative to tea or coffee and should be taken in large quantity.

Have lots of fluids

Clear water is best suited to replenish self during jaundice period. Water acts as dilutant and helps clear the blood of toxins that are present. It also makes sure that any other impurity is not built up in the blood. But one needs to be careful and have only boiled water so that no other form of virus or bacteria can attack the body during this vulnerable phase.

Take medicines when necessary

Jaundice in early stages can be corrected with the help of diet changes and some home remedies. But in some serious cases it is important to take medicines and follow the instructions of the doctor as jaundice can become critical very quickly. Even after the Bilirubin levels have gone down, which could take weeks, it is advisable to continue the prescribed medicines and keep up with the lifestyle changes.

Rest a lot

When the body rests it recovers faster and the same applies during jaundice period too. Lots and lots of rest with a good dose of sleep would do you tons of good. Avoiding strenuous work and becoming as much stress-free as possible is also advised. Even after partial recovery has happened one should avoid too much of working. Taking off from work and play is necessary.

The Liver is an excellent regenerator provided it gets a required dose of nutrients on a regular basis. Prevention is better than cure and the same applies for jaundice as well. But if you are not lucky and do get jaundice then make sure that you take proper care of yourself.

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