Recent study recognizes 6 different classes of obesity

If anyone comments that you are fat then the heart easily slips into the stomach and when we know that there 6 types of obesity then definitely heart will spill from the chest. But this is the fact and 6 kinds of obesity have been confirmed in a recent study. Let us see the study’s full report.

The study conducted jointly by the Sheffield University in Britain and Harvard School of Public Health in USA has confined the types. The study has also suggested that weight loss treatment should be based on the type of obesity one has and also stated that they are effective only when treated accordingly. The researchers have also stated that weight loss treatment should begin only after obesity is categorized in one of the types.

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The study took into consideration the health, locality and also the behavior of the people who took part in the study. Based on these 3 elements the six t different kinds of obesity have been classified. As part of the study 4,144, obese people were examined.

The study has also found out that all the people were at least 30 percent more than their BMI. And amongst the participated people 58 percent were women.

As part of the study things such as eating habits, lifestyle factors, exercise patterns and other things such as whether they tried to get down in weight in the past were asked. A questionnaire based on such things was made and handed over to the participants to answer.

The study surprisingly found that women who were present in this study had no complaints regarding type-2 diabetes nor they literally had. The other category had men who were alcohol addicts. The other set of people was women who were suffering from depression and anxiety. There were also senior citizens who were rich, healthy and happy, but they had problems related to blood pressure and were extremely addicted to alcohol. While there were few other seniors who though physically were unhealthy were mentally sound and healthy. But this category suffered from chronic diseases such as arthritis. The other category had people who were under economic pressures and suffered from many diseases.

So going by this, the researchers have stated that not all obese patients can be treated the same way and each one should be treated based on the qualities stated above. As the reasons for obesity change so also the treatments should change according to them. So if drinking is the cause of obesity then drinking should be cured to cure obesity.

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