Reasons why we love Americans…

The world hates BIG BROTHER but still it can’t save from visiting and loving it. The richness of beauty and lavishness are only two attracting factors of USA which the world knows, but there are even many more that add to the list. Here are the reasons for why do people love America…see and fall in love and destroy yourselves in US mania.

An American’s dream is always alive and reasonable:

The greatness of this land belongs and reflects in huge number of self made millionaires. The US citizens never fear for failure, they never hesitate to spend all their life fortunes to develop some new app or business idea.

Americans work hard:

Whatever the business is working hard is their way. Let the business be small or big. No matter whatever the world says about their work culture they are born to work hard and with perfect system.

Friendliness their nature:

If they mean someone friend he/she is friend no matter whatever their character and nature is. It is like this nation is made to for friendly nature, might be this friendly nature of them has invited mixed populace in this country apart from being one of the top visited country.

Freedom their prior agenda:

Freedom is not only their constitution’s manifesto but is also their anthem of blood. Freedom: for each and everyone in equal terms, irrespective of one’s caste, creed and sex. The one nation which truly lives and dies in the name of freedom is this.

Change is constant thing:

America means change and change means America. Beginning with civil rights movements during the beginning days to present ‘change’ has been their way of life. From white men domination to black man’s presidency everything has took place making the word justice for all a real thing.

Everything relies on the concept of convenience:

Twenty four hours opened stores, pharmacies and delis present on each and every single block, stores around the week. And also take away counters and drive-thru restaurants all make the life convenient and easy for USA citizens.

Affordable living:

Who said USA is costly, it is just a partial reality and that too for visitors. But in reality it is a haven to live. You have the chance of buying more at little cost. You can purchase all the grocery needed per month just for not more than $50.

Messy food combos but still tasty combinations:

Bacon covered burgers? Excellent! Marshmallows along with sweet potatoes…novelty at its peaks! Right….might be this sounds peculiar but still we all want them as they are easy to pick, simple to pay and also easy to eat.

Student’s paradise:

It is one nation that is pupil friendly; no matter what your finance and nationality are….it has it for you. This country has many earning options for each and every degree. They even have part-time options in loads.

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