Reap the beauty advantages of rose

Rose is not only a beautiful flower but is also a flower that can give beauty to us. This flower goes synonym with beauty and love. Rose oil, rose water and even for that matter the petals of this flower come handy in magnifying the beauty. Here let us see the beauty benefits of rose flower and how to use it for enhancing beauty….

Hydrate the skin:

Are you having dry skin? Don’t keep worrying just use rose to make the skin damp and keep hydrated. The rose petals are natural moisturizers. The natural oils present in these petals act from the bottom of the skin layers and dampen the skin, thereby keep the skin moist. Adding little rose water to the moisturizer you use will make the skin supple and soft.

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Fights acne:

The skin on the face is too sensitive and is prone to scars and pimples even with little exposure to sunlight and pollution. And when the face has scars due to acne then without saying the faces looks dull and ugly. One way to treat any kind of acne and scars is to use rose. Rose is anti-bacterial in nature and so can easily ward off acne and other skin irritations. Make a natural acne cream by pounding rose petals. Add sandalwood powder, rose water and few drops of honey to the pounded petals and make it into a paste. Apply this paste to face, allow it to stay for 10 minutes and cleanse it off well using lukewarm water. Doing so will not only keep acne at bay but will also remove the acne scars.

Natural sunscreen:

Rose is a flower that is high in vitamin C. It even has properties that act as natural barriers to sun rays; this is the reason why many of the DIY sunscreen lotions have Rose in them. You can as well make sunscreen lotion by self. All you need to make it is, pound the rose petals, add cucumber juice and glycerin and that’s it, your sunscreen is ready. Apply this before half an hour you hit the roads.

Dark circles:

Having dark circles under the eyes is natural when you don’t have the correct amount of sleep. But how long can you use artificial products that are unsafe? Instead, go natural. All you need to treat dark under eye circle is to dip a cotton ball in rose water and place the ball on dark circles for 10 minutes. Repeat this process everyday night before sleeping till the under eye circles disappear.

Removes dead skin:

Dead skin cells give the skin a pale, dull and dry looks. To ward off this looks there is no other best natural way than to use rose. All you need to remove dead skin cells from the skin is, soak rose petals and almonds separately in water for overnight. Make them into a paste in a grinder separately and finally make paste by mixing both of them and use this as a scrub. It will work wonders in removing dead skin and giving fresh look to the skin.

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