Reading strategies to read more in lesser time

Reading is not only the work of students every one of us reads. In fact, reading is a way of relaxing and enhancing knowledge. But not all are free enough to spend time to read, and this is where you need to know how to read more at less time. Here are few tips to read effectively in lesser time.  Here we go with easy ways for less time more study….

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Know the difference between random reading and reading page-to-page: 

There are only a few things that you need to read top to bottom. Unless you are preparing for something important, you need not waste time on reading right from the preface to the end of the page. Many of the things that you read can be read in quick time. In fact, many of the articles can easily be read and grasped by eye reading. Differentiate between what need thorough reading and what needs eye catching. When you can do this, you will read more and more.


If you are all set to read voluminous books such as non-fictions or magazine /newspaper articles, the best thing would be to know what it has. Previewing is best way to know what the content is. When you preview a book, you are in fact saving more than 30 percent of your time. It will assist you in guessing what the book or article is all about.

Read extra by reading lesser:

Try to focus on obtaining the utmost possible information that too in as lesser time as possible. Glide through a para and chop it down as much as possible. Be ruthless while reading. Ignore all the unwanted things and read only such things that matter a lot. Cut down wherever possible and depend more on meaningful reading.

Know the central theme:

Every book and all the readings have one central plot or idea. When you set out to read anything, try to know the core theme at the earliest time possible so that you don’t waste your time on reading unwanted things. Many times all the articles will let you know what the article is all about in the intro itself. So if you feel it is your cup of tea go for it or else you can skip it.

Cut cut and cut:

The more you know where to cut reading and where to continue with, the more you can read. Almost all the reports and readings have nearly half of unwanted stuff in them. So the simplest way to get more info in lesser time is to go for hasty reading and find out which is important and which is not.

Don’t read word by word:

Reading this way is nothing but wasting. Instead of this, try to read more words at a time. The more you become familiar with this, the more time you will save.

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