Quick and easy remedies for dark circles around eyes

However flawless your face is having dark under eye circles is blot to beauty. Not only it is an obstacle for fair looks but also indicates the lack of proper sleep and health problems. So it is of vital importance to treat them without fail. Here we go with easy and natural cures for dark circles under eyes. Just follow these home remedies and get a clear under eye skin.

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  • One of the easiest ways to kick dark circles is to have enough sleep. At least 8 hours of perfect sleep is mandate. So make it a rule to hit the sacks regularly to beat them naturally.
  • Follow proper diet habits, at times lack of proper food, may also be the reason. An improper diet lacks correct nutrition value and so dark under eye circles crop up.
  • Stay away from stress and other mental traumas; implement all the means to fight them. An unhealthy mind may lead to an unhealthy body and so it reflects on eyes more. As we all know the skin near the eyes is sensitive and so it is most affected skin area.
  • Using cucumber juice near eyes is also effective in treating dark circles. Use this below the eyes daily. Rub it smoothly and wash after 15 minutes. Doing this during nights and that too before sleeping is best.
  • Even tomato juice is also good to beat dark under eye circles. Do the same way, as you do with cucumber juice but the only difference is you have to let this juice stay for 20 minutes.
  • One of the easy dark under eyes treatment at home is to place cool tea bags on eyelids daily. Doing so will relieve the strain and reduce dark circles.
  • Take equal quantities of potato and cucumber juice. Mix them well and apply it on the skin under the eyes. Cleanse it after fifteen minutes. Doing so will not only remove the dark eye circles but will also remove the puffiness of eyes.
  • One more effective home remedy for treating this problem is to dip a cotton ball in cold milk or water and place it on eyes for few minutes. This will easily remove dark under circles.
  • Apply glycerin and orange juice around the eyes and cleanse off after 20 minutes using cold water. Do it on a regular basis for effective result.
  • Pound the mint leaves to a thick paste and use it on eyes. Even this paste should be allowed to stay for 20 minutes and should be cleaned with cold water following 20 minutes.
  • Mix little almond paste to milk and apply this paste around the eyes. Allow this to stay for a whole night and wash the next morning.
  • Also, be careful while giving touch up near the eyes as the skin is sensitive and so chemicals that don’t suit may lead to dark circles.

Follow all the tips to get good looking skin and remove dark under eye circles.

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