Puff out the cigarettes without difficulty

Amongst all the addictions, smoking is the toughest one to forego. The two main reasons are, cigarettes are easily available and they are less in cost when compared to other addictives. But still despite this fact smoking can be shed with little willpower and by following some techniques. If you have the willpower, we have tips to stop smoking. These anti-smoking tips are easy and also effective.

One simple trick to sustain the zeal and keep up the tempo is to spread the anti-smoking program for longer duration. Many try to quit smoking in less time and fail miserably as it is not as easy as said. So keep a long term goal. The best would be giving yourself 6 months time. Follow all the steps we say here and keep your willpower going and finally you will achieve the unachievable.

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Here we go with quit-smoking plan:

1) The first day of the anti-smoking day is very vital. Once you have decided to quit smoking call upon your friend say him your plan. But remember he should be a non-smoker. Say him why you want to quit and also detail him of your action plan. Choose such a friend who will always be back of you until your successful completion of anti-smoking program.

2) Once you have decided to bid farewell to your best buddy (cigarette) begin to walk daily without fail each day. In case you already have this habit extend the session for 30 more minutes. Begin walking before one month from the date you have decided to call it off.

3) Also, keep updating your friend regarding your walking session. As said above you need to walk regularly, in case you missed out on someday count it to the last day, i.e. say you have walked 19 days on a row and you missed it on 20th day and you carried walking again on 21st day, then the 21st day should be considered as 20th day.

4) Consult the doctor. Take the advice of him. If you decide to quit smoking suddenly there is a chance of suffering from withdrawal symptoms. Take Bupropion tablets and nicotine patches under his guidance. The dose of tablets will depend on the number of cigarettes you smoke per day.

5) On the 28th and 29th day of your antismoking. Take only one bupropion for each day.

6) Beginning from 30th day you should have nicotine patches only on hands, chest and thighs as from this day it is ‘’stop smoking day.’’

7) Share your 30-day success story to your friends and dear ones.

8) Beginning from the 60th day, slowly start some physical exercises such as weight lifting. Increase 10 percent of physical activity per every week.

9) Reduce the patch size to 1/3rd per every 2 months.

10) Once you have crossed 6 months take the tablets only in the evenings. As soon as the 7th month begins completely avoid the tablet.

Follow these effective ways to stop smoking, that’s it you are done away with smoking now finally after 6 months.

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