Proper food habits that treat PCOS

Many of the modern day women irrespective of age are suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) that affects ovulation, periods and hormone levels. This can cause many varied problems, both physically and mentally. Depression and unwanted growth of hair on the body is very common with this. Then how to fight it naturally? One way is to have proper diet. Here are the PCOS diet foods to follow.

What foods to eat if you have PCOS?

One should follow diet that can fight PCOS along with regular exercising. Having proper diet that is rich in antioxidants will help in fighting it naturally. Reducing weight will also save the situation. A good diet will lead to lessening of the PCOS symptoms, this will eventually lead to correct periods and the chances of getting conceived will rise. Even the sugar levels in the blood will drop.

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What die to eat?

Eat more of fresh fruits and vegetables; also drink fat less milk every day. Skinless chicken breast piece, yogurt, fish and pork too are good PCOS foods. Eating these can lead to lessened levels of blood sugar apart from making the body to use the insulin in proper way. As a result the hormonal balance in the body is revamped.

Important diet tips:

  1. Many of us have the habit of foregoing carbohydrate foods, this should be avoided, and they should be taken in correct levels three times a day.
  2. Diet should be changed frequently. We should not eat same kind of food stuff regularly. The vegetables and fruits we take should be changed as frequently as possible. Even different kinds of pulses and cereals should also find place in diet.
  3. The food we eat should have high amounts of proteins. Cheese and millets have high amounts of protein content, so they should be taken frequently.

Useful diet for PCOS:

  1. Every morning soon after jogging one should take 4 walnuts and 2 dates.
  2. One should drink soya milk around 7 am in the morning every day. The quantity should be 250ml.
  3. Eat breakfast regularly at sharp 9. See to that you sprinkle pepper powder and squeeze lemon juice in it if possible. As these two are good for PCOS suffering people. Take more of green salads.
  4. Eat one kind of fruit around 11o’clock.
  5. The meals should be taken around 1o’ clock and should have one cup of brown rice, yogurt and one kind of green leafy vegetable.
  6. One can take snacks around 5 pm. It should have one fruit, 30 grams of nuts, and green tea.
  7. Supper should be taken around 8 and should always be light.

Follow this diet habits and you can easily fight PCOS. Also lifestyle should have simplicity and regularity. Exercising and walking should be done for minimum half an hour each day.

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