Prenatal Yoga: The right way for motherhood

Which woman born in this world does not wish to be a mother? Motherhood is a feeling and an emotion that makes a woman complete. A woman is never complete without being a mother. Motherhood just doesn’t come on its way you need perfect care and proper precautions to give birth to much awaited baby.

Then what is a perfect care and proper precautions? Good diet, proper mental balance and regular exercise, especially you need exercises which keep the abdominal muscles active.

Prenatal yoga is one such kind of exercise which keeps the body healthy and fit. There are many benefits from prenatal yoga. Yoga is dated back to centuries old and is accepted as a good regimen for good health across the globe. India has been the mother land to yoga, from there it spread to the world in no time due to its easy methods and many health benefits. At present it is a kind of medicinal practice to many diseases.

The benefits derived from prenatal yoga are many. Prenatal yoga consists of many postures and exercises which are good for conceived woman. Prenatal yoga gives strength to body, calms the brain, gives flexibility and as well as relaxes womb muscles.

Yoga is also effective to keep over weight at bay after delivery. Practicing yoga regularly makes a woman active and increases the stamina and strength; it also keeps a check on belly fat. Apart from keeping unwanted belly fat at distance it also lowers the labor pain to much extent.

Prenatal yoga exercises are also beneficial to the mind as they assist in keeping the mind cool and stress less. It also relaxes the soul. Low blood pressure is common in pregnant women across the globe due to exited and stressful mindset. This low blood pressure is the cause of stress undergone during carrying time. This situation can be controlled by proper prenatal yoga.

As pregnant woman are different both in terms of body and mind so yoga exercises. We have different postures for different kinds of problems associated with carrying. Yoga therapy varies from woman to woman based on their problems.

It is always recommended to start yoga training session right from the time of conception; doing so will ward off unexpected problems associated with the lapse of time. Yoga can be practiced on own with some guidance from a trainer till the first two trimesters, but we need to be more careful from the third trimester and take proper precautions while practicing yoga as this is the most sensitive phase. Yoga also helps in keeping off the stretch marks.

Yoga has certain kind of postures that directly show their effect on the pituitary gland by affecting the prolactin flow, prolactin assists to make up milk in the breast. But we have to be utterly cautious while carrying on these exercises as a small mistake will reward you with lifelong penalty.

Prenatal yoga also has the breathing program which has simple breathing exercises that are very essential for keeping the mind calm.

So going by all these we have come to know that yoga is indispensable for better motherhood but we also should keep in mind that every steps should be taken to reap maximum benefits from prenatal yoga.

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