Prefer Heels at the Cost of Health

The running fashion amongst women now-a-days is wearing high heels. High heels always attract women and have become an indispensable part of all fashion attire wore by women. Though they give extra look to beauty and feet, the health effects of high heels are many, they cause pain in ball of the foot and pain in foot.

Medical professionals have repeatedly advised not to wear high heels as the effects of wearing high heels are always negative. High heels on feet not only cause foot pain but also lead to reduced speed in the movement.

The following are few of the side effects caused by wearing high heels…

Natural position Deformation: While wearing high heels, women are forced to throw their body weight frontward in order to stable the body position. This eventually causes to the abnormality of their usual posture which in the long run causes pain in waist, legs and foot arch pain.

Increased Pressure on Bones: Wearing high heels give regular pressure on the bones of legs & knees. This needless stress causes pain in the legs in long term and also enhances the risk of the bones to be damaged in quick time.

Fractures in Ankles: walking with high heels requires a lot of balancing. A slight misbalance can lead to falling. This unexpected fall may lead to severe and painful sprains and at times may lead to fractures.

Deformation of Foot: High heels position the foot in a downward posture there by increasing the pressure on the bottom of the front foot. Perpetual use of high heels causes foot deformities like hammer toes and also bunions. Lot many women wearing high heel shoes also face damages in toes such as corns and blisters.

Reduced Pace in Mobility: The world is never ending fast track machine and in this competitive trend, people need to move fast and catch up with the time everywhere. And having high heels makes walking difficult, leave off catching the pace, it leads to lessened pace of walking, running and movement, thus lowering the motion speed.

Leads to Hammertoe: Toes are constantly being squeezed by wearing heels, which are too tight, leading to the toes to bend, which in the long run leads to Hammertoe that cannot be corrected without much difficulty. The only possible way to deal with it is going for surgery that is not only burden on pocket but also tiresome to routine activities in the long run post surgery.

Achilles tendon: Short heels and tight heels lead to Achilles tendon; this is the reason why some women who normally wear heels feel it painful when they wear flats. High heels obstruct tendons to stretch correctly; this is why women always wearing heels experience foot pain while wearing flats that are more comfortable.

Reduces the beauty of feet: Have you ever noticed? Wearing these high heel shoes take toll on the feet. Heels can lead to blisters, calluses, corns and bunions that leave scars on the feet, thereby making the foot ugly and hampered. These foot problems can only be treated by doctor.

Though every woman is aware of these problems, they are more tempted to wearing these for increased beauty at the cost of severe health problems. Once give a thought that actual beauty lies in health and by the eyes that see us but not in heels. Thinking so may at least change your attitude to high heels.

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