Pomegranate: Fruit that gives beauty and health

Fruits are healthy, especially some fruits like pomegranate as they have rich antioxidant levels that play key role in defending the body against free radicals by fortifying the immune system of the body. Either taken in the form of seeds or in the form of juice this fruit benefits the health in the same way. Here we go with the beauty and health benefits of pomegranate fruit. Have a look at this delicious red fruit.

1) This magnificent fruit not only has many health benefits but also has many beauty benefits more importantly for hair and skin. If you are suffering from hair fall the best natural remedy is to take one glass of pomegranate juice everyday without fail. It strengthens the hair follicles and makes them thicker and stronger, which will at the end of the day leave behind healthy and bouncy hair.

2) This fruit is highly rich in iron content that is needed for proper blood levels. Iron is also one mineral that helps in supplying oxygen to the body parts. And one way for healthy and dazzling skin is proper flow of oxygen and so either drink or eat pomegranate seeds for healthy skin.

3) Beauty benefits of pomegranate are manifold and one is it tones the body. Pomegranate juice also works as effective skin toner. Apply the juice daily before going bath and allow it to stick on for 10 minutes and cleanse it well to get toned skin. Applying pomegranate juice daily on face will reduce the scars and blemishes. And finally it even helps in removing the dead skin cells from the body.

4) Each day make it a mandate thing to drink one glass of pomegranate juice, doing so will increase flow of blood and we need proper flow blood for good and healthy heart. As we know when blood is pumped properly and effectively the heart is not strained and so the burden on it will reduce to the maximum and save you from heart strokes and problems.

5) You need antioxidants in good quantity to fight free radicals that bring many health hazards. How do you get antioxidants then? Simple take pomegranates regularly as they are high in antioxidants. They ignite the immunity of the body. This fruit has 3 times higher amounts of antioxidants in comparison to red wine and green tea.

6) This fruit is also highly useful in preventing different kinds of cancers. As per many studies the polyphenols and antioxidants in them obstruct the progress and spreading of cancer cells.

7) It helps and aids digestion. The body needs nearly 20 to 35g of fiber each day for good digestion and this one can easily get by taking pomegranate. It not only gives required fiber but also prevents constipation and heals digestive problems.

8) Pomegranate health benefits do not stop with digestion it also helps in fighting Alzheimer, it has the tendency to obstruct and slower the growth of harmful chemicals that cause Alzheimer.

9) Fight stress the natural way by drinking pomegranate juice, studies have found that drinking this juice or eating pomegranate seeds helps in lowering stress as it lowers the stress hormone-cortisol.

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