Pimples are no more worry with these natural remedies

Are pimples making you restless and eating off all your peace of mind? If so these are some of the handy tips to face pimples.

If you sense that you will be hit by pimples in some area. The best way to obstruct its inception is to place mint leaves on the area where you doubt that pimples will begin. Post 15 minutes wash off with cold water. In case you have already had got pimples don’t do the mistake of rubbing the pimples as this might in turn lead to skin irritation.

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The best home remedy for pimples is neem leaf. Not only for pimples, it can as well act well on any kinds of skin problems. All you need to get the benefits from it is to boil neem leaves and have a bath using neem leaves.

Amongst three skin types, oily skin people face pimples problem more. For this skin type, Fullers earth pack is the best remedy. Add four drops of rose water to it and apply a face pack. Fullers’ earth is good at absorbing oil on the face. It will also remove dirt and keep the face glowing. But you should not apply this mask more than once in a week in case you have sensitive or dry skins don’t follow this method.

At times, pimples swell and start irritating. During this situation, it is best to use ice cubes. Place ice cubes on them for some time and you can feel the relief. It will not only relive but will also stop escalating the situation.

The best treatment for every kind of skin problem, which also includes pimples, is to wash face with cold water soon after reaching home once your outing is completed. We all of us know this, but we don’t do out of sheer lack of patience. This attitude can make your condition worst. So its better you have some time if you wish pimple nil face. In general washing, the face at least 3 times in a day is must for all. You need not use soap always, once is more than enough unless you have oily skin.

Turmeric is a natural cure for pimples and is also nothing less to neem. It is the best kitchen medicine for many diseases which also includes some very serious types. All you need to do to treat or obstruct pimples onset is to wash the face with good quality turmeric powder minimum two times in a week.

You can as well make a natural face pack for pimples by using apple pulp and honey. Apply this pack on face and wash after a while.

Applying a tomato juice and honey on the face will also act efficiently.

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