Piles are no more worry when you have these herbal remedies

To lead life with piles is something difficult to think of. The pain and the problems that come along with them are so problematic that even the thought of it can bring shivers to the spine. There are two types of piles: External piles and internal piles.

External piles are the ones located externally. These are more painful in comparison to internal ones. Swelling and painful inflammation is common in this type. Forced bowel movement due to constipation is the primary cause. The blood vessels near the rectum get swollen and blood along with stool is common.

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Internal piles are located internally. These can cause extreme irritation when they hang out from the anus.

Both the kinds of piles can be dangerous when left as such. Loss of blood through the anus can lead to lesser blood levels in the body and also sex problems. These can as well lead to rectal cancers.

Causes of piles:

•    Constipation

•    Too much intake of spicy foods

•    Lack of good sleep

•    Food allergies

•    Toxins present in the kidney

•    Indigestion

•    Drinking and smoking

Herbal remedies for piles:

•    Taking Indian gooseberry powder is best way to cure them. Take one tablespoon of it either in milk or buttermilk three times a day, once in the morning, afternoon and night. It should be taken before eating, i.e., before breakfast, lunch and supper. It not only cures piles but also aids in lessening of blood disposal.

•    Eating Syzygium cumini fruits along with a pinch of salt cures piles in 2 or 3 months. These should be taken in the morning regularly. They also help in increasing the blood content in the body.

•    Apamarga Patram is also highly useful for treating symptoms associated with piles. Take the roots of this herb and make a paste using a little amount of water. Mix this paste with honey. Add this paste to whey water and drink daily. Whey water is nothing but the water that is found on the surface of buttermilk or yogurt.

•    Even the seeds of Apamarga Patram are useful to treat piles. Grind the seeds well and mix it with water that you use to soak the rice before cooking.

•    The easiest way to cure pain associated with piles is to take Mesua ferrea powder. Take one tablespoon of it along with one tablespoon of sugar. Mix both of them in a glass of water and drink every morning and night. This remedy along with reducing pain will also help in controlling heavy blood loss.

•    Cut Indian gooseberries into pieces and boil them in whey water and eat. This treatment will stop over blood secretion.

Follow these natural remedies for piles and you will see the symptoms lessening with each day.

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