Pet owning and health benefits

Pets have been long credited of having developed the feelings of companionship and compassion amongst humans. The human and animal relationships are critical and unavoidable to a great extent. No matter whether you keep a pet or not, there would be some way or the other that you would come in contact with an animal. It could be a dog, cat, parrot, lizard, rabbit besides the usual contacts of dairy animals and other animals like monkeys et al. But how much are you aware that owning a pet particularly the likes of dog and parrots could have some long lasting and eye-opening health benefits too. So, next time show your pet the much deserved love and affection and be thankful to them for they are providing you boost not only for mind and soul but also your overall health. Something pets are not credited with.

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Motivation for keeping fit: When you are running around your cat or taking your dog for that stroll, be sure that you too are burning a lot more calories than you would have if you were alone. Often it has been seen that dog owners use them as motivation for jogging and it has been seen that pet owners do more exercise as compared to the non-owning counterparts.

Help in boosting immunity: While it may not seem like a good idea to have a pet beside your young, studies have shown otherwise. It has been seen that kids who stay around some pet have better functioning immunity and are less vulnerable to colds, allergies and infections. This is a serious health benefit that should not be overlooked while deciding whether to give your child that pets you promised or not.

Keep you happy: A study has shown that employees who brought their dogs to workplace suffered less stress. The same applies to other pets too. Keeping an animal close to you brings about an environment which helps you to be stress free and happy. And as they say happy people are healthy.

Trained dogs help epileptics and diabetic patients: Studies done by Children’s Epilepsy Centre in Children’s Healthcare in Atlanta have shown that trained dogs can detect seizure attacks and warn their masters about it. The dogs are also capable of sniffing out low blood sugar level in diabetic patients and warn them too.

Lower risk of heart diseases: Stress can have repercussions that are long- standing and range from psychological to heart related. Keeping pets ensures that stress levels are lower and that would help you to keep a happy you and a happy heart.

Pets help fight depression: Pets are credited with ability to create an environment which is stress-free and happy. These two things help combat depression. Dogs, for example, have been found to be quite helpful with autistic children and elderly patients suffering from frustration caused by old age and dementia.

Pets provide sensory instincts that we human lack and can be helpful to a great extent when it comes to health related issues.

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