Perfect first date ideas for men

Are you on your first date and panic stuck on what to do and what not to do. Yes, we do know that to impress your lady love on the first date is more than what anyone can think of. Here are few things to follow on your first date to cement the relation. Here we go with those first date ideas for men.


As we all know first impression is the best impression. Of course, she would have seen you in the past many times. But this situation is different to the past ones. It is a special occasion and so you need to present yourself the best. Looks here not only mean the way you dress, it also means the way you dress your behavior and the way you conduct yourself before your special lady.

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‘Apparel differentiates humans from other races. This universal truth is never going to change. But how do you dress up. It’s really a tricky affair. Caution is the base rule for your dressing. A caution here connotes no overdressing or under dressing. Dress perfectly, neither do more with them nor less them. Dress according to the situation. It’s good enough if you are simple enough to attract her attention and not be a buffoon for others. Even the spray you have on you should be chosen carefully.


Which intelligent woman does not like courtesy, gentlemanliness and appealing manners filled with perfect behavior? Manners here are nothing but the ones that come straight from your heart and don’t try to behave artificially. Guys trust us women are more clever than your co-fellows and they can easily get to know what you are and how you are made.


You can now find no more gold-diggers amongst women. The idea is a passé and when a woman looks at your financial status it is just to assess how well you are making and how serious you are about your ambition or career. No sensible and intellect women would ever want to take a relationship to further point with an ambitionless nomad.


Basically, even the age-old intellectuals cannot benchmark some rules as for, what a woman looks for in men as far as personality is concerned. It’s a tough ask for all of us. But still let’s be poised both in mental and physical looks for safer play.


This is really one thing which every girl notices and is very keen about. The best first date advice for any one is captivating behavior. Especially the way you conduct with your inferiors and the way you talk on phones. Even here, the same logic applies, stay calm and behave dignified.

How serious you are:

Well, seriousness here does not imply your looks. It implies how interested you are in taking the relation ahead. Are you a passing cloud or sticking cloud? This alone will define the path of your relation and hooking up with your dear lady.

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