Papaya is the nature’s best beauty product for humans

We always knew papaya as one fruit that is healthy. We wanted that fruit for proper digestion, good skin, to fight cancer, to keep in check diabetes and also to increase immunity. But did you ever know that this human health friendly fruit can as well give you beauty and make you a crowd puller? If not then it’s high time you know it. See the beauty benefits of papaya, implement them and shine like a star.

All you need to do to beautify apart from taking it internally is to use it externally on the skin and go beautiful.

•    This fruit has high amounts of vitamin A. Either by eating it or applying the pulp of it on the skin you can remove the dead skin cells on the skin and give shine to the skin naturally.

•    Skin tends to get dry due to weather and also lack of correct amounts of water in the body and in this situation the easiest way is to eat a cup of papaya or apply its pulp on the skin. Either way will hydrate the skin and keep off dryness.

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•    We try hell lot to make the skin look fresh and radiant, but we never care to use this easily available papaya for skin. The easiest way to make the skin radiant is to apply papaya pulp on the skin, allow it to stay on the skin till it gets dried up and wash off with water. Implement this once in a week and you can see the result all by yourself. Papaya removes the dirt and other accumulated toxins on the body. It works as a natural exfoliating agent.

•    Scars and pimples have become common signs of the skin and the best way is to use papaya. If we say they have become essential signs of the skin even then it is not an exaggeration. Reasons beyond this perpetual appearance of pimples and scars are many, but the simple remedy lies in papaya face pack for pimples. Make a thick paste by grinding papaya pulp with little water (very little) and apply it on the areas where you have scars and pimples. Leave it on for nearly 25 minutes and wash off well. Repeat this process and you will see scars lessening in no time and that too naturally.

•    It is even a good pedicure agent and also heals cracks in no time. Apply the pulp of it on cracks and also on total foot to have pedicure effect and lessen the cracks.

•    The easiest way to grow in color is to again apply this fruit on face and skin. It naturally shines the skin and gives good color to the skin.

•    Using papaya on face will even save you from aging signs.

Papaya face pack for complete beauty:

Make face pack by mixing its pulp with honey, egg white, lemon juice and yogurt. Mix them well till they turn into a thick paste and apply this on face and skin daily. Leave it for 20 minutes and cleanse with water. This is the best pack for total beauty benefits in one single go.

Follow all the above beauty tips using papaya and grow in beauty naturally.

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