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Fat accumulation is the biggest health hazard. If the accumulation is near the stomach and waist then it will reduce the metabolism and give misshape. So it is always better to follow all the tips to reduce belly fat. Along with these tips, there are also few easily available kitchen items which you can use to make belly fat reduction recipes. Here we go with those food items to reduce belly fat naturally and easily.

Lemon juice:

The easiest way to keep belly fat away is to drink lukewarm lemon juice on an empty stomach. Not only this is the best drink to reduce belly fat, it is also highly helpful in removing the toxins present in the liver. We need toxin free liver for good metabolism and a good metabolism is a prerequisite for removing belly fat. So drink lemon juice by adding a tablespoon of honey to it.

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Not every nut present on earth comes with bad cholesterol. There are some nuts like almonds that easily give good cholesterol. Eating these daily will lower the accumulated cholesterol near the waist and stomach. The omega 3 fatty acids will burn the fats and calories in quick time. To get more benefits of weight reduction from almonds, soak 4 to 5 almonds in water every night and eat them the next day. Remove the outer layer before eating.


This is the best natural treatment for obesity. Eating it daily can easily increase blood flow in the body and lead to weight loss. Just take 3 garlic cloves and eat them daily. If you wish even quicker weight loss drink lemon juice mixed with honey as soon as you eat garlic.  Do this with an empty stomach and you can as well have a good heart.

Ginger tea:

The tea has many medicinal values. Many of the pains such as mistrals cramps and throat pains can easily be reduced. Ginger tea leads to weight loss by increasing the body temperature. It is the best tea for belly fat reduction. All you need to make this tea is to cut a small quantity of ginger into pieces and boil it in water for few minutes. Strain and drink. You can add honey or lemon for enhanced results. There are also many herbal recipes you can make using ginger tea.


It is the master in reducing the fat near the stomach. It also reduces gastric problems and bloating of the stomach. The antioxidants present in it will also increase the metabolism. You can make a tasty recipe with this. Grind equal quantities of mint leaves and coriander leaves. Once it turns into a paste add a little salt and half lemon. This is not only tasty but also aids in god digestion.

Follow these effective ways to reduce tummy fat and you can get a shaped tummy in no time. All these are also easy to make and are also less time-consuming.  The above foods to reduce belly fat also have many other hidden benefits.

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