Organize and arrange your bedroom with these handy tips

Decorating a home and giving it an appealing look is an art and when it comes to bedroom then this art becomes even more difficult. But bedroom is one room in the house where people spend more time and so it should be good looking. Then how do you do? Here we go with all the tips and tricks to make your bed room a haven to hangout.

How to set furniture in bedroom?

Bedroom doesn’t mean you will have only bed as furniture in it, there will be many other furniture items that will find their place and proper arrangement of them will make the bedroom look romantic and also spacious. Here are the tips to arrange furniture in bedroom.

1) Have a big dressing table properly placed in one side of the corner; keep a bulb over it for better view in nights. If the bedroom is not so spacious just hang a mirror with attractive frame to a wall and fix a bulb over it.

2) If the bedroom has dressing table it should always be accompanied with a matching stool to sit while you carry on with your makeup.

3) Audio racks, bookshelves, audio systems, TV, plasma sounds …all these should be placed intact, to do this choose good home theatre furniture that best suits the bedroom setting.

4) It is always advisable to keep a good wardrobe for you to place your dresses; a good wardrobe will magnify the looks of the bedroom.

Tips to choose curtains for bedrooms:

Curtains have a major role to play in giving good looks so be very careful with design and color.

1) If the bedroom needs to look more beautiful it should definitely have curtains but every care should be taken to see to that the curtain arrangement does not obstruct the flow of light. Apart from this the curtains should also provide privacy. It is better to prefer lined curtains as they act as soundproofs.

2) Curtains are of different types such as black plated curtains, swag curtains, linen curtains, layer curtains, transparent curtains and layered curtains. Choose the best that suits your bedroom style.

3) If your bedroom is modern themed then choose bold colored Lenin curtains. Even curtains in purple, grey and black colors also look well. These Lenin curtains are durable and also affordable. They are present in different styles and colors; prefer to choose not only durable ones but also those which are easy to wash.

4) One can use transparent curtains if you wish to give it a romantic look.

Tips to choose wall colors for bedroom:

Colors have impact on mind and bedroom colors and moods go hand in hand, so we should choose those colors that give peace and romantic appeal to mind.

1) The colors such as brown, yellow and orange lead to irritation and so use colors such as green, blue and pink as they give serenity and peace of mind.

2) If you wish to give romantic look use deep jewel color. Using gold, maroon and pink colors along with white is also one good option.

As far as lighting is concerned use dim lights mostly in bedroom as you need privacy. This is one of the tips for bedroom lighting which you should follow.

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