Onions and their manifold uses

Onion is one vegetable that is found in many of the dishes irrespective of the type as they add taste and health. Every part of the onion plant has some health benefit or the other. These are high in medicinal proprieties. Let us see all the benefits of onion.

1) It is used in many kinds of dishes including soups, salads, and also in many pickles for taste, fragrance and spicing up.

2) Onion is one vegetable herb that is rich in anti fungal anti bacterial proprieties and this is the reason why it is vividly used in many food products as disinfectant and preservative. Adding onion to dishes will increase the quality and life of them.

3) Drinking onion juice makes the body refreshing and it awakens the body parts and revitalizes them.

4) It is even useful to stop bleeding nose, all you need to do is to drop little amount of onion juice into nostrils. This will stop the bleeding nose in no time.

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5) It is also useful in treating faints. People suffering from perpetual faints should be treated using onion serum. Just drop this serum into the nostrils of fainted person. Doing so will being back their consciousness in lesser time.

6) Eat curry made with onions alone every now and then if you wish to prevent digestion, piles and also heart related problems in the future. It is also a good diet for the people who are already suffering from these diseases.

7) If you are suffering from joint and muscle pains make thick paste by pounding onion and add mustard oil to it. Use it in the place where you have pains. This is an effective natural pain killer.

8) It is also a good fly repellant. Planting this in garden will keep the flies and other insects away.

9) It is also highly useful in treating scorpion or some kind of poisonous insects’ bite. Smash the onion and apply it on the place of bite to get relief.

10) Eating this regularly will increase the fertility chances both in men and women. One more health benefits of onion for men are it will add sperm count and also treat erectile problems in men.

11) This is also suggested in Ayurveda to treat dental and other kind of eye related problems. It is also useful to treat ear pain.

12) Taking this juice daily two spoons both in the evening along with the food you take will save you from dry cough and also asthma problems.

13) It is also useful to treat hair fall problems. Onion benefits for hair are more than you would have expected.  Make thick paste of onions by mashing them well and apply this paste on scalp. Doing so will reduce hair fall and will also lead to new hair growth.

14) One more health benefits of onion is it is useful to treat inflammation and also in treating numbness.

15) It is rich in many vitamins, proteins, potassium, and sulphur and also iron.

So what for you are waiting after knowing all these onion benefits ? Use onion where ever possible.

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