Office Lens for Android now available in Google Play Store

Microsoft has finally released Office Lens Android and is available in the Google Play Store for Android users since two days. As per the reports from Microsoft Office Lens is good enough of making Windows Phone, iPhone or for that matter Android phones into a remarkable scanner.

It was in the beginning available only for Windows phones around 2014 March and was then made available for iPhone during April early in 2015. The Office Lens that is available for Android versions alone had the privilege of being open to public preview. As per reports till now 70,000 downloads have been made by Android users as part of the preview.

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This useful scanning app can readily recognize the edges of a whiteboard, document, electronic screens or even any kind of rectangular media. Once recognized it will automatically crop, straighten, enhance and also cleans the image, following this Office Lens allows saving of the image to OneDrive or OneNote for easier recovery from any other device.

As of now Office Lens has the below mentioned features and capabilities that run on all the 3 phone platforms:

  • It transforms images of electronic screens, paper documents and also notes on whiteboard into PowerPoint presentations, Word documents and identifiable PDF files. So that the users can easily store, edit and also reformat.
  • It allows sending of images through email. This lets easy sharing of information.
  • Generates contacts and also snaps business cards that can be passed to OneNote & added to the phone.
  • It recognizes the document corners and also crops and cleans the image automatically for enhancement.
  • It recognizes printed texts with OCR and as such you can search for the image by using keyword in OneDrive or OneNote.

It inserts pictures to OneNote or vice versa as PPTX, PDF or DOCX files in OneDrive.

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