Office behavior guidelines for perfect conduct

Your office is a workplace where you need to follow certain rules without fail for smooth sailing of your work and your colleagues’ work. Workplace etiquette will define your career growth. Here are few things that you shouldn’t do at the work place so that you are a good employee. Let us see what things not to do at work.


The office is meant to work, and there is no room for idle gossiping. In fact gossip can serve no purpose and can even put your job at stake. Especially if the gossip revolves around office politics and your bosses then you are under threat for sure. The only you can devoid of gossip is to focus strictly on work and work alone. Remember you are going to the office to work and not to chitchat.

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Dressing improperly:

All the companies will have one form or the form of dress code that each employee should follow definitely. You should not take dress code to be a burden. Every company issues dress code to bring uniformity and oneness at the workplace. So respect this idea behind dress code. Unless you stick to that given code, you are not considered to be a good employee. Do remember dressing also confines what kind of person you are and people will judge you, by the way your dressing is.

Constant downer:

Who likes to be with a person who is sick and full of negative thoughts day and night? In fact do you wish to be with someone who is full of negative energies? Not so. When you don’t like this tendency how do you wish to give the same feeling and environment for others. Low morale is not a workplace code. Be active and send energy vibes where ever you are. If you are a constant downer, you will lose the faith of your colleagues. Keep this in mind and be active.

Get into conflict:

The world is not alike, and so are the thought processes of every mind. It is natural to have some differences of opinion. But if you perpetually have a difference with your co-workers then you are facing some personality conflict. Respect other thoughts, try to gauge positive points and have healthy differences.

Lacking team spirit:

You are not a man from no man’s island. As a human being, you are a social animal and your progress depends on how sociable you are. You should be proactive in doing things within a team. No success comes with efforts of a single person. So be active in your team and respect your team members. It will help you to achieve success.

Behaving with subordinates: 

You are boss because you have more knowledge and ability to respect human relations. Remember this always and you are a good manager. No manager had ever been successful in history without cordial relations with subordinates and respecting them.

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