Nutritional values present in different fruits

We know eating fruits and vegetables is good for health. Many diseases are the direct result of lack of correct food habits and improper nutrition value in the body. To be clearer, all the diseases such as heart strokes, increased heart rate, heart attacks, cancers, and diabetes can be controlled by just good eating habits. One way to follow good eating habits is to eat fruits daily.

Fruits by nature are rich in nutritional value and are also less in sodium, fats, and calories. This is the main reason why dieticians suggest more eating of fruits. The important nutrients present in fruits include potassium, vitamin C, dietary fiber, folic acid and so on. Now let us see nutritional value of fruits. We shall as well know the health effects of eating them.

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Potassium-rich fruits:

When you take fruits rich in potassium the blood pressure gets in control. Potassium is also essential for good health of the muscles. Fruits rich in potassium are oranges, avocados and bananas. Try to eat one of these fruits daily if you are suffering from improper blood pressure.

Fiber rich fruits:

We all know the essence of fiber in human health. Fiber is needed for correct digestion, keeping obesity away, warding off belly fat, constipation and also to keep lessen the bad cholesterol levels n the human body. The body also needs a correct amount of fiber to keep heart problems away. Fruits high in fiber content include guava, kiwi, figs, raspberries oranges and all kinds of berry fruits.

Vitamin C fruits:

We need vitamin C to maintain immunity and also fight daily ailments such as cold and flu. Vitamin c is also essential to keep the health of the tissues present in the body. Vitamin C is also essential to fight dental problems along with gum related issues. All the citrus family related fruits are rich in vitamin C. Apple is also one fruit that has a good amount of vitamin C.

Folic acid rich fruits:

We need folic acid to develop red blood cells. These are also highly essential for pregnant women as they help in proper development of the baby. It helps the baby not to fall sick during the embryo stage. Fruits rich in folic acid are papaya, oranges, grapefruits, strawberries and raspberries.

Note: All the fruits should not be taken by all. Take the advice of the nutritionists and follow the fruits advised by them, some types of fruits don’t go well with certain types of diseases, so keep this in mind and eat fruits accordingly.

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