Number of people sleeping in office increases: A report

To be sluggish and sleepy at times is natural for all. But if it is the daily routine then it is a problem, according to researchers. The number of people who are feeling sleepy and inactive in offices is on the rise these days. If you think workload and increased work are the reasons behind this, then you are definitely on the wrong side. As per studies, depression and obesity are the reasons for sleeping more hours in the office.

The study has also found that people who have obesity and depression fell asleep in office hours even after having enough night sleep. The study has also said that if both of the above said reasons for sleeping too much in office hours are true in people they can be traced well in advance.

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As per the researchers the reason behind this increased fatigue and sleep disorder is obesity and obese people and depressed people will easily get fatigued even with lesser work and so this leads to increased sleep. Along with this, the study also found that even after having a good sleep at night this condition was seen in obese and depressed people.

This sought of increased sleeping can be seen if there is more fat accumulation near the waist and stomach regions. The fat accumulated in these areas will release cytokines, a kind of immune compounds. These compounds will lead to sleepy feeling in obese people.

As part of the study, the researchers focused on excessive daytime sleepiness in people. One of the causes of excessive daytime sleepiness as per them apart from depression and obesity is waking up too frequently during sleep. The study has also found that people suffering from depression had increased excessive daytime sleepiness. The other reason also includes the amount of physical strain.

The study has also suggested that the only way out to reduce excessive daytime sleepiness is to reduce weight and keep depression away. The researchers have also said that personalized sleep medicines will soon be available for people suffering from excessive daytime sleepiness. Finally, good news to have peaceful sleep in the days to come…!!!

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