Nourish your body and health with these vitamin E rich foods

Amongst all the vitamins, vitamin E has a major role to play both in health and beauty of a person. It is known as beauty vitamin and anything less of this vitamin can be fatal for life. Did you ever knew that the reason behind many problems such as lessening memory, decreasing immunity, premature age signs and hair fall are all due to lack of vitamin E? These are only a few of the vitamin E deficiency diseases in humans and many more can as well be.

What to do in case you have vitamin E deficiency and you are suffering from any of the above-stated problems? The answer is just simple, take vitamin E, see that you take 15 milligrams of it every day; this is the recommended intake as per nutritionists.

The market is flooded with many vitamin E supplements which though are effective should be preferred as only the last choice. Prefer natural ways to give the body with vitamin E by consuming vitamin E rich foods. Here is the list of 4 foods that are good sources of vitamin E.

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1) Almonds:

Almonds are known as the best source of vitamin E for humans amongst the nuts family. They are the treasure to lot many essential nutrients and vitamins needed for the body. These have a high amount of vitamin E percentage. So eating them is one easy way to fight vitamin E deficiency. Every night soak few almonds in water and consume them the next day morning. Don’t do the mistake of throwing away the water, drink it too, soon after eating almonds. This way you can give the body the required amount of vitamin E. Eating almonds will also lessen the problems that arise with aging and also keep the wrinkles at bay. The other advantage is skin will become supple and radiant. Eat nearly 10 almonds daily.

2) Sunflower seeds:

As per nutritionists’ these have the highest vitamin E percentage in comparison to many other foods. By mere eating of 25 grams of this seeds daily, you will be meeting 45 percent of the needed percentage of vitamin E per day. These can be eaten raw and you need not fry nor boil them. Using sunflower oil for cooking is also one best way to grasp the benefits of this seed.

3) Vegetable oils:

We all use some kind of vegetable oil daily. Instead of using the same kind of vegetable oil daily, change it. Use different types of vegetable oils such as canola, olive, sunflower, palm and so on. Use these oils in rotation. By doing so, you not only get vitamin E but you will also additionally get overall health benefits. Even fish oil is also one best option.

4) Spinach:

We all know the abundance of vitamins present in green leafy vegetables. Eating them daily in one form or the other is always good for health. As far as green leafy vegetables are concerned spinach is the king in nutrient value. It is rich in vitamin E. In case you don’t like it, you can take it in combination with other vegetables.

Eat the above four foods as they are rich source of vitamin E and give the body Vitamin E.

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