Not every question you ask in interview is entertained

The interview is identical to a passport. It is an entry ticket to the job that you are searching. One single mistake made your chances of getting inducted into the company is closed. The mistake might be a wrong answer or a wrong body sign. So, be very careful while giving your interview is very important. Here are few things not to ask in an interview so that you keep your doors open to get your job. Here we go with common interview mistakes to be avoided.

Straight away talking about perks and other monetary things:

It is as good as not giving interview itself. If you are so hurried to ask about allowances and other perks that actually are to be asked in the end, then you are directly asking for an exit. Don’t do the mistake of asking these things in the beginning as still your berth is not confirmed. No interviewer will be at ease to let you know these things without knowing your real worth or knowing whether you are apt for this job or not. Keep this to the end. You should never do this in an interview by doing so you are sending signals to the other end that you are here for only money and not keen to know to deal with the job.

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Not letting to ask personal questions:

Any interview is never complete without asking few of your personal things. An interview these days does not confine to knowing only your educational qualifications and previous experience. There is something called testing your attitude, and this is why you should be open to more ended questions. By asking personal things an interviewer is not interested in your personal things he/she is trying to test your attitude. So be patient enough to answer things clearly and without any hiding. The fairer you are in letting know the things…the more positive things you add to yourself. So don’t say you are not interested in saying personal things.

Talking calls:

Well, we always have mobiles, and they are always there to ring. But there are some situations and places such as interviews where you need to hold on the calls. Taking a call in between the interview is nothing but showing disrespect to interview panel. No matter how much important the call is, stay away from it unless you complete the business.

Don’t be in a haste to know the result:

Well, have patience. If you are the right person you will definitely get a call from them and if not try luck somewhere else but don’t do the mistake of asking ‘’am I selected or not.’’ Many people have done this according to recruiters and have closed their doors permanently which otherwise could have been open.

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