Not all kinds of headache pains are the same

Headache is common and people born on this earth are definitely prone to headache at least once in their lifetime. Many times it goes off by itself. As per studies, nearly 90 percent of the population has suffered from headache minimum once in a year while the people who have undergone headache at least once in their life are 99 percent. Many times headache is the cause of some not so serious problem. The same cannot be taken always, sometimes the causes of headache may be a sign of some serious problem. When you notice that headache is not the outcome of some routine cause then seeking doctor advice is best to get treated accordingly. Here are kinds of headaches.

Clustered headache:

The pain associated with this headache is so severe that some people attempt suicide. Its presence is also high and studies say that 4 out of every thousand people aged 30 to 50 suffer from this. This usually runs for 15 to 3 hours. Severe pain in any of the eye is also felt. Along with pain in one eye, the eye affected with pain also swells and waters. The nose also waters when one has clustered headache. It is not responsive to sounds, smell, and light.

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Temporal arthritis:

This headache is the result of some swelling in the blood vessels that reach the head. This headache is mostly seen in old people. This pain is felt only on one side of the head. Pain near forehead and blur vision problems can be noticed in this type of headache. This mostly begins when eating, combing or while talking for a lengthy amount of time.

Sub Racanned hemorrhage:

This generally happens when one faces extreme stress or hits accident. The blood reaches the points that cover the brain and this leads to this kind of headache.

Headache associated with some kind of tumors:

When there is some kind of tumor present in the head region, pain ranging from normal to severe can be seen. The severity increases during sleep and can also cause disturbance to sleep. The more the size of the tumor grows the more severe the pain becomes.

Subdural hematoma:

This occurs when blood in the brain gets clotted due to some heavy accident. The pain differs from light to severe or may rise from light to severe. Pain can sometimes be occasional, permanent or at a particular point in the head or all throughout the head. It may even spread to neck also at times.

Causes of headache: Generally the following are the reasons for headaches:

•    Stress

•    Anxiety

•    Heavy sounds

•    Pollution

•    Some kinds of smells

•    Head injuries

•    Health conditions, sometimes headaches are signs of some pre-existing health problems.

In case you notice that headache is perpetual and constant it is always better to get diagnosed with goo doctor, as headaches are associated with nerve system.

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