Noodles in general are not healthy

Noodles have become indispensable food item in every house. They have become part and parcel for all, irrespective of age and gender. They have become favorite food for all as they are easily available, less in price and apart from these two they are easy to make. All you need is just two minutes as shown in advertisements.

Now the question is not their easiness in making or cost factor, the question is how healthy are they. As said above, they are being liked by all right from kids to elders and from housewives to working women. When this is the craze for this food item it is best to know the health facts of noodles and also effects of instant noodles.

Despite being favorite food item for many it is also one food that is always in doubt whether to eat or not. Many of us regularly question on its health impact. Many of us have doubts regarding its nutrient content, its health hazards, and many other vital issues.

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Irrespective of the doubts and associated facts with noodles many have expressed doubt that they have put on weight with the consumption of noodles. This might be true or false as the studies are still underway. Some women have also expressed grief that their children are not consuming anything other than noodles; this should now be a concern.

Let us leave all the worries and doubts to experts and wait for the facts to be revealed and concentrate on basic facts about noodles. Here we go with facts of eating instant noodles:

  • Noodles are already cooked foods and are preserved and packed using some preservatives.
  • They have high amounts of sodium and carbohydrates.
  • Apart from sodium and carbohydrates they are also high in fats.
  • Eating one plate of noodles is equal to eating one plate of rice.
  • One plate of noodles has the same amount of calories present in one plate of rice.
  • People suffering blood pressure should avoid noodles.

How to make the noodles healthy?

The best way to make noodles healthy is to add some kind of vegetables while cooking them. Doing so will balance the high amount of sodium present in them. Adding egg white or some kind of cereals and pulses is also a better idea.

The simplest way to make them healthy is to add sprouts or some kind of green leafy vegetables to gain health and lessen the side effects of noodles.

Are they coated with wax?

As many think they are not coated with wax. They are mostly made with palm oil to keep them fresh and dry for long time.

These, in general, are the facts associated with noodles. Now it is up to you whether to take or not to take and decide on are noodles healthy to eat.

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