Non-alcoholic drinks to look out for this summer

Fluid loss due to excessive sweating and dehydration are common side effects that can be seen during summers. That is why it is always advised to keep oneself well hydrated to be able to brush aside any bad effect because of this. But of late alcoholic drinks have replaced the traditional options used for saving oneself against the summer side effects. Not anymore. The new generation and the fitness conscious people are relooking at non-alcoholic drinks to avoid the obvious harmful effects.

When one looks at the options that are available, these drinks can be classified into two broad categories: traditional ones and the fusion ones. As the names suggest, the traditional ones have been present for long time and can be made using things present at home while the fusion ones can be seen in restaurants and food joints. They need special ingredients and knowledge to make them. Some of the options available are as follows:

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Lassie: The good old lassie is a popular all round the year drink famous mostly in northern India. It is made by using yogurt, milk, sugar and a pinch of salt. Very healthy in nature, it is a family drink and can be enjoyed at any age. Newer flavors like mint, mango, banana and strawberries are also getting popular. All in all this is good for the gut as well as friendly for the taste-buds.

Coconut water: This can be called the natural summers’ drink. Popular all over India, coconut water becomes available on roadsides during summer season. Full of necessary minerals and nutrients it is an ideal drink as far as fluid and mineral replacement in the body concerned. Now even packed versions are available in the market.  But going in for the natural form is the best.

Fresh juices: Another form that involves fruits, juices can be made at home using seasonal fruits and can be enjoyed round the year. During summers also fresh juices can be enjoyed during the mornings and evenings with a dash of ice in them. An ideal drink when it comes to serving non-alcoholic beverages during parties and other family enjoyment events.

Smoothies: a healthier version of plain fresh fruit juices, smoothies have of late made it to the list of non-alcoholic summerdrinks. They are a fusion form and require a number of ingredients. Take that juice, add yogurt, honey and nuts to it. And the yummy smoothies are ready.

Panas and sharbats: Aam pana, bale pana and other panas made from other exotic fruits are a good alternative to having just water. They can be made by adding mint and lemon which gives that tangy flavor to them and are quite healthy in nature. Then there are the traditional sharbats also which involve nuts and fruits and can replenish the fluid loss in your body quickly.

Mojito: Last but not the least in the list are the fusion drinks known as mojitos. They add that fizz and the tang to your drinks. These are available in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage versions.

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